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How can I add my bookings in my calendar?

In this post, we explain how to synchronize your upcoming events with bookings in BOT with the reference calendar you use (Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc.)

Main goal: to be able to better plan your events in the following weeks and have a faster overview on a calendar.

We DON’T recommend using it to manage your bookings the same day of the tour! It can take up to 24h for your calendar to be synchronized. So it’s always better to check your bookings directly in the app or in our platform the day of the tour.

You just have to click here: and enter the link available in “Bookings” section. If the link does not work for you, here you can find a more detailed explanation: 

  1. Get to the calendar tab of your personal Gmail account.
  2. Click on “+” in “Other calendars” and select “From URL”.
  3. Locate the URL of the calendar in the “Reservations” section, copy it and enter it in the corresponding field.
  4. Once the URL of the calendar has been added, click on “Add calendar” and it will appear in the “Other calendars” section of the left column of your personal calendar.
  1. Go to Settings  > Calendar > Accounts > Add Account > Other.
  2. Tap Add Subscribed Calendar.
  3. Enter the URL of BOT that you can find in your “Booking” section.
  1. Sign in to Outlook and go to Calendar.
  2. Select add calendar or import calendar.
  3. There, select From the web or Subscribe from the web
  4. Paste the URL of the “Bookings” section of BOT in the link field of your calendar.

It works on almost all calendar systems.

Look at the Google Calendar and Outlook systems to get an idea, as they are very similar in all calendar systems. The idea is to add a new calendar and subscribe to one from a URL, which you have in your “Bookings” section in BOT.

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