Free Walking Tour Explore Ella : Nature And Culture

Free Walking Tour Explore Ella : Nature And Culture


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Summary – sunrise at Little Adam’s Peak , Tea plantation visit, Demodara Nine Arch Bridge, Demodara Railway loop + great experiences in off the beaten track.

This tour covers the top must do activities at Ella, Sri Lanka.

Meeting point for the tour is Ella railway station.

First we will hike to see the sunrise at little Adams peak mountain.its the best and most convenient place to see the sunrise at Ella. You can experience the changes of nature with the sunrise, specially the clouds and the continuing plane towards coast of Sri Lanka. This is more than a hike and you will learn much on flora and fauna, history and folkore of Sri Lanka and Ella too

Afterwards, i will stop for your breakfast and then start walk to the nine arches bridge . Its a colonial era viaduct and considered as most beautiful railway bridge in Sri Lanka.
we can see the train passing the bridge and it is worthy to have that experience.

Then we will visit famous Demodara Railway station . at there you can see the spiral railway loop

During this drive, we will stop in a beautiful tea field(not a factory) and you will learn much about tea and history of ceylon tea.

After these key sights, we will bring you to experience authentic Village life at a farming village closer to Ella. This would be a golden memmory in your travel.

Also we will bring you to ravana falls and to another natural pool for swimming.


1)Transportation by tuk tuk(for one person) by car

2) tea / coffee



5) local lunch








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