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Arusha, Tanzania

DAY 01

Karibu! Warmly welcomed by our driver/ guides holding a paper with you name on it, will be our first step towards the vacation of your dreams. A drive will take approximately 1hr to rich the  hotel in Arusha.

After a long flight travel, we will humbly introduce you to the East Africa Capital of Tourism, Arusha. It’s in the north eastern Tanzania, stands 1400 meter above the sea level, keeping temperatures and relatively low humidity. In this beautiful city you will also find the 9th highest mountain in Africa and Arusha National Park. During clear days Mt. Killimanjaro can also be spotted from Arusha. It’s also the starting point to Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater game.

Arusha is also a home to a famous tribe in Africa `Maasai ́, it’s a busy agricultural, animal keeping, administrative, business and tourism center. We are pleased to welcome you to the Vacation Paradise.

Accomodation – Hotels in Arusha

Meals – Dinner

Distance – 1hr from Kilimanjaro Int. Airport to Arusha

DAY 02

Today, After breakfast at the hotel, We grab our delicious picnic lunch and  drive to Tarangire National Park. Here we will enjoy our Game drive at the Elephant’s home ground while spotting other wild animals in their natural habitats.

During dry seasons, the Tarangire river shrinks and draws multitudes of thirsty wildlife with the greatest concentration outside of the Serengeti. The evergreen swamps are the focus for 550 birds varieties. Tarangire is also a home to buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, lions, gazelle and the list is endless.. Landscape full of acacia trees, resplendent baobab trees and the rolling savannah. After  the astonishing day in the wildlife, we are off to the campsite for the pleasant evening meal and well deserve rest.

Accommodation – campsite/ Lodges or VIP lodges

Distance – 3hrs drive from  Arusha to Tarangire

Activities- Game drives

Meals- Breakfast, Lunch Box and Dinner.

DAY 03

We begin our day early, After breakfast we bring our picnic lunch box and drive to Manyara National Park for a Game drive, After a lovely day full of wildlife experiences, in the evening we will drive to a small town of Karatu for overnight.

Lake Manyara ́s acacia woodland is home to its legendary elephants and tree-climbing lions. An expanse of lush grounded water forest of ancient mahogany trees are contrasted by grassy floodplain with views across the alkaline lake to the volcanic peaks of the Maasai steppe. By the end of the day you could easily spot elephants, buffalo, lion, giraffe, flamingos, more than 400 birds and many other species. Later in the afternoon we headed back to the campsite for a good relaxation and delicious dinner.

Accommodation – campsite/ Lodges or VIP lodges

Distance – 2hrs drive from Tarangire to Manyara and 1.5hrs drive to Kaaratu.

Activities – Game drives

Meals – Breakfast, Lunch box and Dinner.

DAY 04

We leave Karatu after breakfast, grab our picnic lunch box and hitting the road towards the well known park and UNESCO World heritage site, The Serengeti. Game drive, spotting animals and exploring miraculous nature that the Serengeti has to offer are the main activities, Our qualified guides will make sure you are supplied with all the history and necessary infos about the park.

After a delicious lunch, it’s the chance to seek some more great wildlife-spotting at the home of the great migration, The long plains are home to elephants, leopards, buffalo, cheetah, lion, hippo, crocodile and many other species, The Serengeti offers the most scintillating game viewing in Africa all year around. Its Ecosystem, the oldest on earth and unchanged for millenia. The spectacle predators versus prey-dominates -with a large population of all three African jackal species and spotted hyena.

After a whole day exploring the greatness of nature, surround yourself with the smell of Africa and make yourself neighbor to the wildlife.  It’s time to wrap-up the day by watching the sunset over the savannah, behind the acacia woodland that will paint the sky with brilliant colours.

Thereafter we will drive back to our campsite for dinner and pep talk about our day highlights.

Accommodation – campsite/ Lodges or VIP lodges

Distance – 4.5hrs drive from Manyara to Serengeti

Activities- Game drives

Meals- Breakfast, Lunch box and Dinner

DAY 05

It’s nothing to compare with the feelings of being awaken by the gently melodic sounds of nature and the beautiful background songs from more than 500 bird species lives in the Serengeti. After the breakfast we collect our picnic lunch box and start a day by a game drive around the Serengeti, we set our focus on spotting the thrilling predators in their intimidating hunting face.

After our picnic lunch, we set off again to searching other animals and explore wildlife at large, try to spot what so called unseen world of nature ( both unusual animals, big and small  and miraculous nature divisions). Our expert guides will simplify the work. It is almost impossible to spend too much time in Serengeti and more than 1.5 million herbivores + thousands of predators – there is always something new and promising to see.

Hence drive back to our campsite for dinner, rest and  regain for the promising day.

Accommodation – campsite/ Lodges or VIP lodges

Activities – Game drives

Meals – Breakfast, Lunch box and Dinner

DAY 06

The marvelous sounds of Africa will wake you up from the pleasant sleep. After breakfast and collect our packed lunch the adventure continues. Today is a trip to the well known Ngorongoro Crater, One of the Africa great Natural wonders.

Population of more than 25,000 large mammals, the landscape full of acacia trees, swamps, meadows and astonishing caldera made this place to be far ahead from other parks. Elephant, Lion, Hyna, baboons, leopards, gazelle, African buffalo, Giraffe, impala and even rare black rhinoceros finds refuge here.

Maasai is the tribe with the greatest privilege to share this amazing place with numerous kinds of animals, keep and feed their animals in one of Africa’s greatest natural wonders and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1978. All this together make the Ngorongoro Crater be of its Uniqueness.

Late afternoon we drive back to the campsite for well deserve rest and delicious dinner from our chief.

Accommodation – campsite/ Lodges or VIP lodges

Distance – 3.5hrs from Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater

Activities – Game drives

Meals – Breakfast, Lunch box and Dinner

DAY 07

As its Departure day, it does not mean it has less to offer.  It’s still enough time to enjoy the real pageant before you set your mind home.

After a picnic lunch, we descend  into Ngorongoro crater for Game drives, exploring the short-grass plains of the crater floor, extinct volcano embraces 100sq meters alive with Lions, Hyena, baboons, leopards, gazelle, African buffalo, Giraffe and even rare black rhino. Then we drive  you back to Arusha/ Airport.

Distance – 5hrs from Ngorongoro to Airport. 3hrs from Ngorongoro to Arusha.

Activities – Game drive

Meals – Breakfast and Lunch box




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