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A tour of the City of Accra is an opportunity to explore the principal streets of the capital, unique attractions, historical sites, etc. besides, it is also an opportunity to experience first-hand the proverbial hospitality of Ghanaian people.

Ghana is the best tourist destination in West Africa, being an oasis of peace in a troubled region as well as a beacon of democracy in the entire continent of Africa. Ghana abounds in a plethora of historical, ecological, and cultural tourist sites beckoning every tourist who wishes to visit the country.

Accra, being the capital city of Ghana, is not left out of tourist attractions some of which are listed below.

Black Star Square
Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum
Osu Oxford Street
The Arts Centre
National Museum
Presidential Palace
W.E.B. Dubois Centre

Old Accra

One of the most instigative places to be in Accra is Jamestown.

A visit to Jamestown unveils the rich history of the natives of Accra and the tight nit spirit with which families and neighbours coexisted.

Jamestown is the part of the city connected with colonialism and slavery. Remains of this historical past still dot the city landscape.

The main occupation here is fishing and due to the closeness to the ocean, Jamestown played a crucial part in the slave trade and is manifested by the Forts and Castles that line its shores.

Jamestown has featured in numerous music videos, domestic and foreign and hosts the yearly Chale Wote festivity to exhibit the artistic minds of artists from all over the world.

James town
Christianborg (Osu) Castle
James Fort
Ussher Fort





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