Bamberg Free Alternative Street Art Tour

The Illustrious City of Bamberg is noble of Attention

The capability of art in making simple or even uninteresting places be highlighted is generally a naked truth; it is being part of the practice everywhere. That is why street art and graffiti became a tradition in most countries, especially in Europe. Legions of countries adopt this specific way and apply it to their city and it always affects how their tourism runs because it definitely results in a boost. It is also a way of showcasing talents of the local artists and a total city makeover, wanting many tourists and travelers to step foot in the city. It is also giving the city a more lively vibe that is definitely giving the locals a positive energy and it will always be a big factor for the city’s emergence.

What about Bamberg

Another pride of Germany as one of UNESCO World Heritage holders because of its beautiful town, one in the top list of Germany. Bamberg is located in the north part of Bavaria of southern Germany. It became a residence of the largest intact city wall of Europe. Many preserved structures are still intact around the old town of the city from the early 11th to 19th centuries and among those complexes is the town hall or the muraled Altes Rathaus.

The city is acknowledged for their abounding local civic breweries, beer gardens that definitely produce special beers. The most well-known brewery in the city is Schlenkerla, a celebrated smoked beer brewery which makes their beer in a traditional way with wooden barrels. Bamberg’s industries also includes manufacturing of electrotechnical equipment, clothing and textiles, and production of foods, also the extensive market gardening.

Bamberg Free Alternative Street Art Tour

As we stroll you to the vibrant city of Leipzig, you will not only have a view of the domineering structures around the city and its scenic views but a lot of benefiting factors to consider in joining this Free Alternative Street Art Tour.

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This tour is a serendipity of another set of memories with whoopee experience and new learnings about the city’s deep and wide history. A chance of socialization in a different free spirited place, new encounters, and another outlook of this world’s variety of masterpieces spreading everywhere including this city of Bamberg.




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