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Bamberg is one of the places to be!

Another pride of Germany as one of UNESCO World Heritage holders because of its beautiful town, one on the top list of Germany. Bamberg is located in the north part of Bavaria of southern Germany. It became a residence of the largest intact city wall of Europe. Many preserved structures are still intact around the old town of the city from the early 11th to 19th centuries and among those complexes is the town hall or the muraled Altes Rathaus

The city is acknowledged for their abounding local civic breweries, beer gardens that definitely produce special beers. The most well-known brewery in the city is Schlenkerla, a celebrated smoked beer brewery which makes their beer in a  traditional way with wooden barrels.

Bamberg Nightlife

A lot of fine and dandy bar crawling stops actively stands with a category of drinkables, putting different genres of music that will appease your taste. Local bars, clubs, and pubs on Bamberg each serve with uniqueness, enough to showcase variance and offer alternative choice to all particular guests. 

Live clubs with disco motion, city lounges such as PROFIL and others that belong to the most recommended spot in Bamberg are just a few of the choices. You will see and get to experience the city’s nightlife has to offer when you join the Pub Crawl.

Pub Crawl in Bamberg

The Pub Crawl tradition is something that most tourists and travelers are looking forward to when stopping over Europe and even locals. It serves as a highlight activity to most Europe out-of-towners adventures, some even intend to visit Europe just to experience the famed pub culture. Party inclined people are mostly to be hooked by this activity but Pub Crawl is just enticing that even non party people get drawn to it every time, and it’s high time for everyone to cradle the sense of it considering the provocative excitement it relinquishes.

Why Join our Pub Crawl?

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  • Take the chance to socialize with other guests and learn the culture of Bamberg along with making a fun memory to savor through this worthwhile experience 




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