Welcome to Budapest!

Finally you are here! If you would like to discover the city like a local, join me on one of my tours!

I would be happy to guide you through this amazing city and show you everything what Budapest has to offer!

On the tour we cover the most important sights and attractions such as:

  • Historical City Centre
  • Váci Street
  • Andrássy Avenue
  • St. Stephen’s Basilica
  • Liberty Square
  • Parliament
  • Shoes on the Danube
  • Chainbridge
  • Castle District
  • Gellért hill
  • and much more…

The tour is a great way to learn about Hungarian culture and to discover the city’s colourful history, from the founding of the State, through the Ottoman Occupation and the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, up until the 21st century.

I cover the most important sights through stories and fun facts, but also go off the beaten track to discover some hidden gems!

I will talk about the do’s and dont’s in Budapest, while I will also recommend where and what to eat and drink.

My other big passion is music, I play regularly in Budapest and I’m eager to show you the artistic side of the city and the best places and venues to listen to and play some live music!

Meeting time: 11AM

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Meeting point: In front of ST.STEPHENS BASILICA, Budapest, Szent István tér 1, 1051 Hungary

Look out for the green umbrella!


Book now and hope to meet you all soon,





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Value for Money 5.0
Location 5.0
Cleanliness 5.0
  • [email protected]
    2021-11-08 at 00:16

    The tour was amazing and the guide is a 5 stars person. István is such a nice, well humoured and kind guy! You can ask him openly about whatever you want, because he knows so much about the city and the history behind it and he is happy to guide and answer you! We made the tour in the day after of our arrival, so this helped us so much! Thanks to him, after the tour, we could travel around the city like if we were from there, because he covered a large area and he can help you in how to reach other points of Budapest easily and fast. With this tour, you look to the buildings and monuments, main avenues and squares with other eyes and perspectives, because he teaches you about the meanings and hidden facts about them. You will learn so much and you will start to understand that every corner of the city could have some reason to be there or to have been built. This is a very rich tour in terms of knowledge, history and facts and we totally recommend you! We are so happy about our choice and to had the opportunity to know István and to know the city by his eyes!

    Helpful Review
  • Helena
    2021-11-07 at 11:51

    I can highly recommend the tour with István!
    It was a perfect start for our stay in Budapest, he showed us the main sights of Pest with very informative, but never boring stories.
    Thank you also for your recommendations of restaurants and pubs!

    Helpful Review 1
  • Or tal
    2021-11-04 at 18:17

    We highly recommend the Phest tour with Ishtvan! He was wonderful, knowledgeable, nice and funny. We wish he also guided a tour to Buda side as we took it with another company and u just can’t compare. Ishtvan is the best.

    Helpful Review 3
  • Phille
    2021-11-04 at 10:41

    Our experience here is really good, Good tour service from our amazing and informative guide. Istvan did really good in leading this tour. Nice places, Historical City Centre, Andrássy Avenue, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Liberty Square, Parliament, Shoes on the Danube, these are only some of their notable landmarks. We also listened to Istvan’s stories and his amazing fun facts. Enjoyed the side activities. This was a nice tour, we had a great experience.

    Helpful Review 1
  • Loise Parske
    2021-11-04 at 09:56

    Such an amazing place with amazing people. Budapest doesn’t only have great sights but also friendly and hospitable locals and great local foods and drinks, and very affordable. All the great sights has specific deep histories and Istvan was really nice and wonderful for sharing all of that. This tour is fun and one of my great experience in traveling. Recommending Free Budapest tours for an amazing experience. Very worthy of your time and effort in traveling far.

    Helpful Review 1
  • Phillip Mund
    2021-11-03 at 09:48

    Amazing Istvan!! All those great spots in this all around-around city tour was really wonderful! Istvan told us many stories about the places. He took care of everyone and everything. This tour was fun and knowledgeable. Istvan is vey informative and the stops were on point. Overall this tour was a fun and unforgettable experience.

    The beauty of the landmarks like Basilica and all those sacred places, famous spots that locals and tourists are raving about is really worth to see and experience. Thank you, Budapest tours and to our amazing guide Istvan for this amazing tour! Will definitely recommend you guys! 🙂

    Helpful Review 1
  • MeganC
    2021-11-03 at 09:37

    One unforgettable tour!!! Budapest is beautiful and amazing stories and facts from Istvan are so much fun. We got to see different amazing spots this city has and we got to talk to some locals, tried their products especially the food and it is amazing. Glad to be part of this All-around City Tour. Definitely recommending this!!!

    Helpful Review 1
  • Gavin Inka
    2021-10-30 at 13:26

    This is a good tour. Great places and amazing facts from Istvan. It’s good and very knowledgeable with some fun on the side lines. Good food made by the locals and not so expensive things on sale. Budapest is amazing and a worthy one for a tour like this. Nice work from this tour team, recommending it.

    Helpful Review 1
  • Kairo Franco
    2021-10-30 at 13:21

    Overall great tour! Istvan is an amazing guide, he was able to share many interesting facts and fun stories and he’s a cool guy. The place has many amazing spots that are really in for a perfect tour, They also have some pretty cool stuff there. Literally enjoyed the whole tour and the side stops. Surely recommending this tour!

    Helpful Review 1
  • [email protected]
    2021-10-29 at 15:57

    I can’t recommend this tour enough! István took us to all the main spots, while sharing interesting stories about the sights in a fun, informative and engaging way. He was able to answer all the questions we had, and recommended some cool places what we should visit and where we could spend the rest of our time in Budapest. Thank you Istvan!

    Helpful Review 1
  • [email protected]
    2021-10-29 at 15:16

    You know it is a good tour if you enjoyed it and we did. Spot on, fun, entertaining, and worthy. Just try it for yourself to know what I am talking about. And amazing guide Istvan. Budapest is one of a kind. Five star deserve. :))))

    Helpful Review 1
  • Erniee Boi
    2021-10-29 at 15:12

    Great cityscapes and locations with colorful histories. Cool, instructive and fun guide. Drinks and food on the side are fine and cheap. Excellent tour, certainly recommending it.

    Helpful Review 1
  • Joanne Hamilton
    2021-10-29 at 15:05

    What comprises of a great tour?

    First, of course, the place, and you could never go wrong with Germany, specifically Berlin. It’s amazing!

    Second, the tour organization. The guide, services, and performance. In this tour, our guide Istvan is satisfactory. He’s informative, fun, and compliant.

    Third and definitely not the least, THE SIDE TRIPS. Trying the local specialties. Food, drinks, products and services, and interacting with the locals. It was honestly a worthy one.

    Therefore, this tour is reasonable and recommending! That’s it!

    Helpful Review 1
  • Colin Clark
    2021-10-29 at 14:56

    Berlin is such a classy place. The historic features of each landmarks embodies an extraordinary history that will give you goosebumps but that won’t be possible without an excellent guide to lead a worthy tour like this one. Istvan headed our Budapest All-around City Tour with the right amount of seriousness and fun. Perfectly balance so it was pretty cool.

    We enjoy it in general so we will totally recommend this tour!

    Helpful Review 1
  • [email protected]
    2021-10-28 at 16:01

    Before our guide started sharing some interesting information about the places we visited through this tour, I was already amazed by how it looks but I was more amazed by how deep the city’s history was. Great stories from Istvan really made me love the city more. It was an enjoyable tour because aside from the beautiful sites and great histories there were a lot of choices for food and drinks and we are torn which to try first, good thing that many of them are inexpensive so more we didn’t to choose much. Fun tour and really informative. Berlin has my heart now. Thanks to this Budapest All-around City Tour. Really unforgettable.

    Helpful Review 3

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My name is István and I have been doing walking tours in Budapest for the last 3 years. I really love this city, and I would be happy to show you why! On the tour we cover everything from the city’s history from the past to its present, fun facts, nightlife, and its hidden gems.

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