Free Original Krakow Pub Crawl

The Original Krakow Pub Crawl is the perfect way for a visitor to the city to enjoy Krakow’s night life.
It can be hard to have a good time in a strange city, which is why we are here to help. We will bring you to see authentic night culture, make sure you have fun and give you ample opportunity to interact with the locals. The Original Krakow Pub Crawl will provide you with a passionate local guide who will bring you to exciting venues where we will get you plenty of cheap drinks. Best of all you get to finish the night in a great Krakow club.

If you want to be the envy of your friends then come on this pub crawl where you can rub shoulders with locals and other tourists just like you. There won’t be a dull moment as we’ll make sure there are plenty of surprises and things to entertain you. Original Krakow Pub Crawl provides an unforgettable experience and you’ll have great stories to tell for years to come!
Original Krakow Pub Crawl includes:
3+ Great Venues

Free Shots

Best Krakow Drink Offers

VIP Clubbing Experience

Krakow Night Life Guide

Drinking Games like Beer Pong

Meeting every night @ [Time]

[Insert Venue Here]

Send us a message if you’re running late and we’ll tell you where to meet us!

Just pop along to our meet-up point to have a great night out! The Original Krakow Pub Crawl is very popular so we can’t guarantee that there will be a place on the night; book in advance to avoid disappointment!

*All our guests must be over 18 and carry photo ID.

*Our venues are always changing so we can’t post a list here but send us a message to find out the venues for any given night.

*Krakow is full of wasted people so we expect our guests to drink and smoke responsibly!




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