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Free Street Art and Alternative Tour


My future Guest!

In this world where everyone is on hurry, we are just crossing the streets without looking and recognizing how many hiddem gems are around us. On this tour we are slowing down and we are hunting for arts of local and global street artist.

No street art tour is the same, the streets and the walls are alive and its changing and changing continuously. Each art has a meaning, some of them are sharing a social or a political messages, some are just decorations, some of them are just something totally different.

During this 2hours tour we are touching many topics lke the hungarian culture, recent history and ofcourse many street arts

After this experience you will walk on the street in a new way, I will change your life

So see you there, yeah?

Etele a.k.a. E.T.


Yes, its a free tour or let’s say that you name the price 😉
At the end you tip, support local people 😛





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Hello people from all over the world!

My name is E.T and I was born here in downtown Budapest.
I love Budapest and i feel so happy that my job is to show my loved city to other people!

During my tours I will use the power of stortelling and homour to enjoy the experience!

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