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Free Walking Tour Berlin History Tour

  • English / Portuguese
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Come step back in time to 1940’s Berlin in the Original Berlin World War Third Reich Tour. This tour visits Berlin historical landmarks, buildings, and points of interest during World War Two. Our local guides will tell of past battles and the plans to turn Berlin into the capital of the Third Reich. Visit the Tempelhof Airport, Hitler’s Chancellery  and Bunker,  HQ of the SA and SS, a jewish region, Flak tower,  and much more. There is only one Original Berlin World War Third Reich Tour. Our guides have worked hard to pack as much World War Two history they can into this tour. This is the best way to explore Berlin and many of its most historic landmarks.

Berlin has history hidden around every corner. The biggest war in human history has left its scars all over. As the group walks around our guides will point out historic buildings and sights hidden in everyday Berlin. They will also point out interesting points of battles, bunkers, and buildings that once were. Berlin has changed a lot since the fall of Hitler and the Third Reich. Come see history come to life and visit Berlin from a different angle on this Berlin World War Two Tour.



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A very sociable Brazilian living in Berlin for 2 years. With a grand passion for Berlin and German history, his tour will give the information to understand its background, but always with a humoristic tone.

“When you think in Ancient History, Rome and Athens are the cities that always come to the top of mind. But when we think of Modern History, Berlin had always been in the eye of the hurricane.”

Come to take a Berlin historical journey and figure out how everything happened in this city!