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Free Walking Tour in Prizren Kosovo

Hotel Theranda

I have study at London and Islington College UK and learned communicating in English also I have learned few other languages such as Serbocroatian and Italian and my native language is Albanian .Being born in Prizren its unique experience and I would recomend to all visitors to see the best what city offers such as monuments historical venues ,castle etc. Living here is real harmony where everyone is welcome and enjoy full rights.More about the details of this town I would be presenting to groups and hopefully give them the best impressions to take with them remembering Prizren as a historical town .The visitors should see as prefered places such as : Castle of kalaja,walking path around the mountains from where is the beautifull view ,the Sinan Pasha Mosque ,the league of Prizren,Churches of ortodox religion,Car Dushan etc.




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life experience is crucial when it comes to bring vital decision in life I have learned from past helping ppl is best gift that God has gave to us .