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Free Walking Tour Original Berlin Ddr Tour

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Willkommen in Berlin Hauptstadt der DDR


Berlin was for 40 years the capital of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik or East-Germany, the Communist Germany. After the World War II (1939-45) Germany and Berlin were divided in zones of influence, that consequently would create West-Germany (Capitalist) and East-Germany (Communist), and West-Berlin and East-Berlin.

Visit the famous Communists sites of this historic city, like the Wall, the Fernsehturm (Tv-Tower), Checkpoint Charlie, East-Side-Gallery, and many others.


Special Tours on Sundays: Walk along the Berlin Wall Memorial + Mauerpark (Park of the Wall) where you can visit a tipical Berliner Flea Markt, Several Options of street food, and the famous Karaoke at the Park, everything on the previous deathstripes of the Wall.


MEETING POINT: MARX-ENGELS-FORUM , in front of Marx and Engels statues, in front of the Humboldt Forum.



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A very sociable Brazilian living in Berlin for 2 years. With a grand passion for Berlin and German history, his tour will give the information to understand its background, but always with a humoristic tone.

“When you think in Ancient History, Rome and Athens are the cities that always come to the top of mind. But when we think of Modern History, Berlin had always been in the eye of the hurricane.”

Come to take a Berlin historical journey and figure out how everything happened in this city!