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Step back in time and walk with me through the Diocletian’s palace. Diocletian palace is one of the most preserved monuments of the Roman architecture in the world. It is a combination of a luxury villa and Roman military camp (castrum). This is a must-see art. We will take an exciting journey that starts at promenade bronze map. We will then enter the substructures of the palace where we will unlock a lot of secrets. You will proceed to Diocletian’s living room where you can get in touch with Roman living habits. Then, we will walk on two main streets of Cardio and Decumanos which are main streets of every Roman town. You will see the cathedral, Jupiter’s temple, four monumental doors, the statue of Gregory of Knin, Pjaca square and Fruit square. You will see also Peristyle the centre of the palace used for religious reasons. We will also show you green market and fish market. We will finish at the starting point.

This is one hour of amazing history.

You can expect a tour with stories about Croatia daily life and history.
The tour is from 09:30 until 10:30 in the morning.



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Hosted By Kristina Delić

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