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Experience Gori from a Fresh Perspective 

In Gori, there are a few intriguing street art pieces. One of them is a mural by Tbilisi-based artist Gagosh. Tactfully done on the sidewall of a building on the corner of Chavchavadze Street and Stalin Ave, it shows a man and his granddaughter standing under an apple tree and looking out over a barbed-wire fence.

The artwork represents the ‘border creep’ which means that the boundary line has moved a little bit further into their backyard. Up the wall, the artist painted an outline of Georgia and the words ‘The Price of Independence’. There’s also a tiny aircraft dropping shells in the mural. It is a painting so much information and history represented, it is definitely worth seeing. Join our free Gori alternative street art tour as we show you this and other murals too.

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If you’re looking to have more group experiences, then join us at night for our Free Gori pub crawl to experience the nightlife at its peak.

N.B.: The tour may take one of the several routes through the city depending on the guide, the needs of the group, and the weather on the day.



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