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Heidelberg Free Original Pub Crawl

The Sustainable City of Heidelberg

During the middle ages, castles mixed with Gothic and Renaissance are what gave the European city its royal character and a lot of them are standing still until today and Heidelberg happened to be one of those cities. Various castle ruins are widespread over the city which makes it well-known as well as the Alte Brucke with its monkey statue. An additional sprint of consecration that pervades the city are several museums and historical buildings, sacred sacraments like the Church of Holy Spirit and Karl Theodor Bridge.

Almost half of the population comprises young people, mostly students that gives a particular reason for the city to be very lively and somehow ideal to the city’s honorable identity as Green City Awardee and a recipient of European Sustainable City Award but none of this limits the vibrancy of Heidelberg either day or night.

Nightlife in Heidelberg

Being a young population hideaway, it gives the city a youthful enthusiasm resulting to a more lively happenings on the hang out venues particularly at night. Bars along Hauptstrasse kick off the night early while Marktplatz keeps the night rolling until the late night with it’s surrounding clubs. In particularity as a student hub, a historic student drinking club called Zum Roten Ochsen (Red Ox Inn) that serves as a student tavern. 

Another most famous and crowd pleaser artistic club in the city is Zum Sepp’l with marks of local students and street signs of old Berlin to Alabama license plates. If you prefer a high spirited drink, just go around Sonderbar which stores tons of whiskey, kinds of vodka, and types of beers. Some bars offer a much chill service with newspaper reading diversion. Hangout places with live music and caper dancing are also present, you only have to spot them around.

Pub Crawl in Heidelberg

Imagine doing hopping various bars and clubs, experiencing service varieties and types of nightlife recreations while enjoying different kinds of drinks and chilling with your preferred vibes along with many traveler and tourists as well as locals that are also in for a night of thrilling adventure in one of the lively night of Heidelberg.

  • A well organized pub crawl is an encounter waiting for you, a much suitable distressing way you just wanted.
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  • This pub crawl activity don’t settle for ordinary because variety of different vibing clubs and mars were top picked for a diversified night in experience
  • Our reliable guide and very much capable so never hesitate and confine on their lead and enjoy as much as you can.
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A guarantee of a never settling experience on every pub crawl is given. Grab every chance this bar crawling offers of what night out experience you want to achieve. Our guides are present to lead, inclined to assist and show you more tips of a better way to further enjoy the experience and forget all the worries. Absorb the lively energy and enthusiasm in this city of youthfulness but limitless.




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