Leipzig Free Alternative Street Art Tour

Nikolaikirchhof 3, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

The Aesthetic City of Leipzig

As a popular art lover paradise city because it developed into an art and learning center, Leipzig is one suitable destination for a Free Alternative Street Art Tour. Alongside its picturesque view and glamorous well-known famous buildings, the city is surrounded by vibrant murals from the streets to numerous structures.  Street art and urban art are widespread in the city, channeling many of its local artists and their great works. This Street Art Tour isn’t just a view of artworks around the city, it is a satisfying learning of the city’s meaningful history, from the earlier to the present years. Discover all about Leipzig’s culture and way of life, the people’s character through fun interactions and activity with fellow guests as well as locals. As always, this tour sustains a fun filled and satisfying experience every time.

What about Leipzig

Leipzig is a city-state in western Saxony which is the center of numerous railway lines and considered as the main train depot of some of the foremost passenger in the central of Europe, also the far-reaching rail station standoff. This is where also the classic European operating station is located which is specifically called Bayerischer Bahnhof.

Leipzig is thought of as a paradise of art lovers, particularly because it became an art and learning center, together with book and trade. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in the East of Germany in regards to its amazing heritage when it comes to abundant culture and music. Perpetually specified as one of the most livable cities in Europe. Numerous city landmarks such as the Old Town Hall, the Old Commercial Exchange, the old residential and market squares, Auerbach’s Cellar, and the 13th-century Thomaskirche were destroyed during World War II but eventually restored.

Leipzig Free Alternative Street Art Tour

As we stroll you to the vibrant city of Leipzig, you will not only have a view of the domineering structures around the city and its scenic views but a lot of benefiting factors to consider in joining this Free Alternative Street Art Tour.

  • True to the pursuit of being best in the field, this tour prepares only the best for the guests in picking principal hard to beat sights to take you.
  • Our guides are proven skilled to lead you with their own unique and compelling ways in providing you enlightening, fun, and worthwhile tour experience.
  • Fair and feasible estimated price for a reasonable service and experience as well deserving for every guest’s time and legal tender
  • Exclusive well-generated system for pleasant inquiry and easy booking, only made for the convenience and satisfaction

This tour is a serendipity of another set of memories with whoopee experience and new learnings about the city’s deep and wide history. A chance of socialization in a different free spirited place, new encounters, and another outlook of this world’s variety of masterpieces spreading everywhere including this city of Leipzig.




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