Lindau Free Original Walking Tour

A well-known essential landing place of Lindau

In southern Germany, Lindau lies in the city of Bavaria. This small town of Lindau became one of the most popular tourist destinations that is well-known for its notable architecture and outdoor attractions perfect for whoever is looking for simmering adventures such as camping, hiking, sailing, and swimming. Located in the south of Germany and the largest town of Lake Constance which is connected by Neue Seebrücke bridge in the middle of an island and the mainland slope in the Bavarian shores.

Lindau is commonly famous for its notable 13th century stone lighthouse that serves a former watch tower with pointed tiled roof called Mangturm as well as the Bavarian lion statue and the Gothic Old Town Hall with a pointed façade of Altes Rathaus at its harbor with mountain views.

As a leading tourist attraction and true to Europe’s prestige as a high spirited night out destination, Lindau town also demonstrates the actuality of it through their own ego trips with their scorching bars and clubs around. On top of the checklist is the Scotch Club, Dome, Seaside bar and many more. These night time recreation crowned heads are endowed with a peculiar cup of tea in hitting the spot of each of their respective customers. 

Lindau Free Original Walking Tour

As a famous popular destination in Germany, Lindau deserves to be in the list of this tour. Since the Free Original Walking Tour aims to introduce the premier cities that are a must visit in Europe, Lindau perfectly fits in. Tag on this tour as we get things rolling in this wonderful town. Devour the meaningful stories that the city gets a hold of as well as its existing historical sights that symbolizes many of the past and present encounters, making the city what and how it is today and how it influences its citizens which you will also experience through this tour. Learn the ways of life in the city and savor it for a little while because a satisfying tour won’t only be possible by strolling but also delving in the city’s being through interacting and joining in the fun activities that this tour tramped down to give you an excellent tour experience.

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