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Potsdam Free Original Pub Crawl

Take a glimpse of the classic Potsdam

Just a few meters away from Berlin, Potsdam is situated. Brandenburg’s capital is merely located on the banks of Han River, a city rich with quintessential palaces and home of  the largest UNESCO World Heritage site which is the Sanssouci Palace. Also a city rich with quintessential palaces and parks namely Orangery Palace, the New Palace, the Cecilienhof Palace, or the Charlottenhof Palace, also the former residence of the Prussian King and the German Kaiser until the late 1918. 

Apart from its authentic charm, Potsdam acquires scenic radiance and abundant antecedent, the city is every inch worthy to be explored as it is considered as a cultural gem.  As the city preserve it’s culture and history, going with the latest drift is no exception on their venture, that what makes the city never stop progressing.

Pub Crawl in Potsdam

A simultaneous innovation for progression is leading way for Potsdam being up to date in different pastures, enabling  these new ways of entertainment flourish throughout the city including the pub culture at which bar crawling transpire.

Pub Crawling is  prominent in Germany and as one evolving city engaging with this current trend, Potsdam embodies an inimitable archetype as well. Some of the well-known party spots  in the city are Bar Fritz’n, AR-O-meter, Cuhibar, Bar Gelb, and many more.

  • Ensuring to conduct rewarding experiences to every guest, our pub crawl sorts out quality places with eminent services and facilities to better cater your demands.
  • Our guides know all the ins and the outs, best spots and ways to make your experience meaningful and worthwhile.
  • Reasonable price is well allocated in catering substantial bar crawl experience, spending is never a waste.
  • Inquiries are conveniently entertained, bookings are made easy and does not take much of your time.

The Thrilling Experience

If you’re looking for real fun with plenty of drinks in suitable and downright places, this Pub Crawl is for you. Experience the excitement of uncovering different competing bars and pubs. You have the liberty to explore and fill your desires for a perfect party. Have fun mingling , gain friends with a lot of travelers and pliable locals. A night of pure fun, electrifying experience, and epiphany. Reckoning of persistent memories worth sharing and keeping.




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