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Potsdam Free Original Walking Tour

Potsdam, a magnificent city to be explored

Standing on the base of Berlin’s southwest border in eastern Germany, Potsdam city state is located. A former center of many industries and later became a well developed economy through services like administration, retail, tourism, education, and film industry. 

After World War II the city was left heavily damaged including all the monuments existing in the city, although many of them managed to survive and others were rehabilitated. Among of the city’s pride that escape the damage were the outstanding German Rococo architecture with grounds that extend for more than 700 acres, the Sansscouci Palace, The Cecilienhof Palace, New Rooms or the Neue Kammern, the Picture Gallery or Bildergalerie, the Orangerie or the Picture Gallery, the Neues Palais or the New Palace, the St. Nicholas Church, and the Brandenburg Gate. Potsdam palaces together with its parts that are exquisitely landscaped is officiated as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Potsdam Free Original Walking Tour

The prevalence brought by this Free Original Walking Tour promotes the city in many ways to boost it’s image and economy as well as help captivate and pleased the tourists to appreciate the city more and this tour attest to that. See all the great landmarks that serve as a beacon of Potsdam tourism even after all the atrocities that the city has been. Learn all the meaningful and inspiring history of the city and it’s beacons after being destroyed by the war and rebuilt for the city’s glory. A stroll in the city is a chance to experience the city’s culture and the locals’ way of life, a glimpse of these wonderful sights, and go through its terrific history, only through this Free Original Walking Tour.

Why Join This Free Walking Tour?

  • As a way of giving you worthwhile layoff in this city, this tour aims to accomplish pleasing and relaxing experience but fun at the same time
  • We picked the best of the top stop around the state to show and introduce to you, a view worthy sight you will see and experience
  • Friendly and reasonable price that are perfectly appropriate for the experience of service, learning experience, and satisfying leisure
  • Our guide are best on the field who always bring something unique for their outpost and consistently prioritizing the guest satisfaction
  • Our system are well generated for a convenient and easy inquiries and booking to all our guest and won’t take so much of time
  • A chance for socialization with other guest, new learnings of the city’s culture and traditions as well additional experience on your travel journals




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