FEEL THE CITY, not only discover.

We guide you through the downtown, giving you a chance to feel like a local: the magnificent building of the Parliament, Shoes, riverbank views, Chain Bridge and Saint Stephen’s Basilica are truly remarkable.


  • Parliament
  • Saint Stephen’s Basilica
  • Chain Bridge
  • Shoes Memorial
  • Andrássy Avenue
  • Little Princess Monument
  • Fashion Street & Váci Street
  • Riverbank: UNESCO World Heritage Panorama
  • Buda hills panorama
  • Andrássy statue
  • Palace of Justice
  • Budapest Eye
  • Elisabeth Square (Main Square)
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Gerbeaud Historic Coffee House
  • Ministry of Hungarian Agriculture
  • Local Szamos confectionary
  • …and much more.

We guarantee not only knowledgable guides, but also entertaining stories. This tour is the perfect introduction, taking you through all major sights of our charming centre and downtown. You can see the famous Andrássy Avenue which is known as the „Champs-Elysées” of Budapest and Saint Stephen Basilica, the city’s main Catholic Church. Did you know that Freddie Mercury wanted to buy the impressive Hungarian Parliament building?

The quality presentation, deep knowledge of the city, and rich content provide for an unforgettable tour.
Easy to enjoy, easy to understand.

Meeting point: back part of the Basilica (Hop On Hop Off Bus Stop)

Look for the PURPLE umbrella! ☂☂☂





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Service 4.9
Value for Money 4.9
Location 4.9
Cleanliness 4.9
  • Aikko Segmund
    2021-11-03 at 17:19

    Feel the city’s spirit in this tour. It’s a great tour! Amazing experience brought by Budapest tours. See the best the best in the city and experience what it feels like to be a local. Our is amazing. This is a recommendable tour, Informative, fun, and excellent service plus the food and other activities. All fun, learning and new experience for keeps.

    Helpful Review
  • Victor Neri
    2021-11-03 at 17:15

    Truly unforgettable tour! Pest downtown is such a nice place. A modern city with a classic vibe. Amazing local and great local products, Glad to be part of this Pest Downtown tour, it’s a good tour. Great guide and amazing team. Fun and knowledgeable tour!

    Helpful Review
  • Rad Milton
    2021-11-03 at 17:13

    Amazing Downtown tour! Great guide and fun team. Lovely locals and good products. Cool places with cool way of life. Recommendable destination and Budapest tour is best at it.

    Helpful Review
  • Munn Phill Dee
    2021-10-30 at 12:50

    Great tour! Amazing downtown area of budapest serves just fine. Affordable and good products from their nice stores and vendors. Our guide is good and shares many informations. It was fun and enjoyed it. Pest Downtown tour is a must try!

    Helpful Review
  • BelleCamie
    2021-10-30 at 12:44

    One thin, I WILL DEFINITELY COMEBACK! It is because I wasn’t ready for the other things. I mean, I was conditioned for a tour, seeing and learning about the main attractions within Budapest but I wasn’t expecting the lovely boutiques and other heaven sent stores. The tour was all fine, amazing and informative lady guide, Ms. Klaudia, beautiful places and fun stops and talks. This tour did a really good so I would give them a two thumbs up a recommendation. 🙂

    Helpful Review
  • Trace Salva
    2021-10-30 at 12:34

    It was honestly cool. The place is like a modern city inside an old history. Their building was well preserved. No wonder why many tourists visit it. There modern structures are as amazing as the old one, it’s like a fusion. Great job to our guide for leading the tour very well and attending to each one of us nicely especially about the stories she shares. It’s a good tour. Glad to have experience the busy life of Downtown Budapest.

    Helpful Review
  • Elouise Clark
    2021-10-30 at 12:25

    A satisfying tour! We felt the magic of the city. Pest is full of stunning view and majestic monuments. Their stories are amazing also, our guide was great for sharing so many facts and interesting stories of every landmarks we stop by. It’s very engaging tour because we really interacted with many local and felt to be a local for a short period of time, enough for us to love the city.

    Their neighborhood is delightful. They’re very welcoming and entertaining. The local food and other remembrance are nice and affordable, I just wished i could have take home the pretty porcelain sets but it’s too heavy. Aside from that, the tour was all good. 10/10! Budapest tour is incredible.

    Helpful Review
  • Saniya Damyad
    2021-10-27 at 18:05

    We enjoyed it. Got to talk with a lot of locals and glad they’re approachable. Our guide is also informative, she has fun stories too, I like this tour overall. Recommending it.

    Helpful Review
  • Tsadde Emola
    2021-10-27 at 18:02

    Pest downtown is a really nice place and Klaudia introduces each of them greatly. Through her stories and fun trivia we didn’t just enjoy the place but also the vibe. This Pest downtown tour is a great one. It’s fun experience for us.

    Helpful Review
  • [email protected]
    2021-10-26 at 18:59

    Amazing. That’s it! Strongly recommending it! FOR REAL!!!

    Helpful Review
  • [email protected]
    2021-10-26 at 18:58

    Wanna see the coolest place in Budapest? Try this tour! Klaudia is amazing guide, she knows everything about the place. There are great food around and picture worthy scenery. Traveling while having fun is in this one. Recommending it to everyone! I’m not paid for this by the way, they just got it!

    Helpful Review
  • Nia Fasse
    2021-10-26 at 18:55

    Definitely worth it! Our time, money, effort, our struggles struggles traveling were wiped out. Great views and places. Our guide Klaudia is amazing, made it so much easier and fun for us. Overall GREAT TOUR! Pest Downtown is amazing and the locals are nice, we didn’t feel like tourists at all. PERFECTIONS. Great experience. All thanks to Free Budapest Tours! Love lots!!!

    Helpful Review
  • Rowan Cane
    2021-10-26 at 18:50

    A tourist walking like a local, that was fun! This was a great tour. Klaudia is a natural so it was nothing but fun and good vibes. It was cool. Pest Downtown is dope!

    Helpful Review
  • [email protected]
    2021-10-26 at 14:35

    Experienced being a local for a day in this tour. Pest downtown area of budapest is amazing! Fun and nice stories from Klaudia our guide. I seriously enjoy this tour! Definitely recommending it!

    Helpful Review
  • Bertha M
    2021-10-26 at 11:15

    Didn’t know Pest Downtown Tour existed, would have gone earlier if I knew. The guides are really good and very informative, it was very fun and we were enjoying every places. Will book with budapest tours again. Amazing tour!

    Helpful Review
  • Webster C
    2021-10-26 at 11:10

    Great places and good guides. Enjoyed it. Good job Budapest tour, good job in presenting pest downtown area. Liked it!

    Helpful Review
  • Ken
    2021-10-26 at 11:07

    It is my first time in budapest and first with budapest tours with my family and it was a great first. Now i know this pest downtown area they are talking about. in every nice places we go, the guides are full of stories and it was fun. It was great experience over all.

    Helpful Review
  • Ernesto Young
    2021-10-25 at 18:38

    Just wow! I can show a lot of good pictures of how we enjoyed this tour! Great experience with budapest tours! You wouldn’t regret it. Pest Downtown is incredible. Budapest is really beautiful. This tour is unforgettable.

    Helpful Review
  • Dianne Soto
    2021-10-25 at 18:35

    It was great tour! It has variety. From the scared places of the basilicas and squares, we got modern taste of fashion street, and a picturesque andrassy avenues. Enjoyed it! Try this Pest Downtown Tour if you visit budapest, they have amazing guides with lots of informations about the places. Totally worth it!

    Helpful Review

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My family is originally from the countryside.???? My grandparents have a little plot of land and a country home where I used to spend my summers growing vegetables, meanwhile my grandparents were making salami and palinka. ????

Budapest holds a special place in my heart since this is where I was born, grew up, and studied. It is my home and I would not change that, since I have fallen in love with Budapest’s night panorama. ????

I studied at a bilingual high school and went on to study Hungarian language and grammar at university, while acting in theater productions. I truly enjoy being surrounded by people, be it my classmates or friends, so I decided to acquire a tour guide qualification. Ever since, I have been living my dream by leading walking tours.????‍♀️

Everyone who attends my tours will see why I love the city as much as I do. ????

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