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Tour guide in Accra and within anywhere in Ghana 🇬🇭

49 C.A.C Ashiaman

Hello everyone, let me be your most influential tour guide in Accra and anywhere within Ghana, West Africa. I am a philanthropist and a final year student studying Rehabilitation and disability. I love to travel a lot, love to embrace different cultures and also love hosting other natives from around the globe. Do not hesitate to call on me anytime you book a flight ticket to Ghana 🇬🇭.. I am always available to show you around some of the interesting places in Ghana and you’ll love it. I would like to show you some of my native culture and festive celebrations. Looking forward to meet you soon.





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I’m a philanthropist and a Rehabilitation Officer.. love to learn about other natives culture and also to show other my own native culture. Love to travel and hospitality is my hallmark. Do not hesitate to call on me your most influential tour guide.