Travel from Samarkand to Tajikistan: Penjikent and the Seven Lakes

Our a meeting place will be Mausoleum of Gur Amir

We invite you to go to sunny Tajikistan to see the land of seven lakes – Haftkul. Picturesque lakes with turquoise water, surrounded by the landscapes of the Fan Mountains, are located 40 kilometers from the small town of Penjakent.

The trip to the Seven Lakes lasts the whole day.

You will visit lakes:

the first is Nezhigon (“eyelash”), height 1640 m.,

the second is Soya (“shadow”), height 1740 m.,

third – Gushor, height 1770 m.,

fourth – Nofin, height 1820 m.,

fifth – Khurdak (“baby”), height 1870 m.,

sixth – Marguzor (“meadow”), the largest in the entire chain of lakes, height 2140 m.,

seventh – Khazorchashma (“springs of a thousand”), height 2332 m.

The road from the first lake to the last stretches for 15 kilometers, there are stops at each of the reservoirs, and a full exploration of the sights will last for 4-5 hours.

In these places, unusual stories, legends and original culture have been preserved: primitive petroglyphs were found nearby, and semi-precious stones were mined here in the Middle Ages. You can get to Marguzor by car, but you have to walk to Khazorchashm (optional).

In the evening we return to the border, cross it and go back to Samarkand.



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