Varadero, origin, history, chocolate, tobacco and rum. Airbnb Experience Walking Tour Varadero

Calle 44 y 1era Avenida. Varadero
  1. Join our walking tour through Varadero!! We will walk through the town and learn about the history and culture of Varadero, the wonders and mysteries it hides. We will visit one of the largest Private Cuban Craft Fairs in Varadero. Then we will enter Josone Park and discover its passionate love story and appreciate its lush tropical gardens. Later we will visit the Art Gallery to see original paintings by some of the most important Cuban artists and later the Hitos de Varadero Interpretation Center.
    Then we will show you the Boulevard and visit the Casa del Tobacco to learn why Cuban tobacco is the best in the world. We will visit the Varadero Chocolate House to taste the special Cuban chocolate. Later you will be able to taste 3 types of exquisite and exclusive Cuban rums in your country since they are not yet exported and we will learn where Cuban rum comes from and what makes it so special. Join up!! We will wait for you!!

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