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London Alternative Tour

Do you want something different and deeper than your average tour? Want to hunt the edgier and underground cultures of London?? Join us for our Original FREE London Alternative Tour. London is, and has been, wildly influential in the art world often stemming from it’s creative and underground counter cultures. We’ll explore the important and alternative historical and cultural facts of London’s famous East End. Home to some of the world’s finest display of street art from artistic legends like Space Invader, Shepard Fairy, Stik and of course, Banksy. We’ll take a closer look at some of Banksy’s oldest works, as well as exploring massive murals and hard to find tags from many artists. Not only will the tour go in depth on famous artists but also reveal London’s influential local artists!
The Original London FREE Alternative Tour will also take you into the world of the city’s best legends and stories. The grimy past of the East End, home to debauchery and the cities underbelly for centuries. Made famous for it’s creativity and crime, it is home to some of the most famous murders of Jack the Ripper and vintage London gang activity. The Tour will take you through all the quirky and cool facts and wind you through the hidden alley ways, pubs and markets. This is a first hand experience guided by expats and locals who know the city as home. The tour prides itself on being an informative, social and unique experience. Travelling should be relaxed and fun, and we hope to help you on the way!

As if it couldn’t get any better, we offer the tour for free! The guides are true locals who can’t wait to share their city and passion with you! That being said, tips are always encouraged… We wouldn’t want to take the saying starving artists too literally ;). The exact route of the tour is susceptible to changes, depending on the guide, the group and the weather to ensure the best possible experience for you!

Be prepared for the best recommendations for pubs, clubs, cafes and anything else the cool kids are doing these days from our guides!

Street Art and Graffiti
Banksy and many other street artists, new and old.
Insight into underground and alternative London culture
Exploring emerging London scenes
London’s East End
London’s best kept secrets
Art and Music History and Culture
Legends and stories of London’s underground and criminal past
Stories and locations of Jack the Rippers murders
Oddities and fun facts!
Cool Bars, Cafes and Markets
Cheap Eats
Insider’s Knowledge
Join us on a tour that you won’t find in your guide books!




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