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The 10 BEST Free Walking Tours in Zug

The Best Free Walking Tours and Pub Crawls

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Welcome to Zug, a picturesque town nestled in the heart of Switzerland. With its charming old town, stunning views of Lake Zug, and rich history, it’s no wonder that walking tours are a popular way to explore this beautiful destination. In this guide, we will take you through the top walking tours in Zug, showcasing the must-see sights and providing helpful tips for an unforgettable experience.

1. Old Town Walking Tour

The Old Town of Zug is a delightful blend of medieval architecture, cobblestone streets, and vibrant culture. Start your walking tour at the Zug Train Station and make your way towards the landmark Zytturm Clock Tower. Along the way, you’ll discover charming boutiques, local cafes, and historic buildings. Don’t miss St. Oswald’s Church, a 13th-century gem, and the Museum of Prehistoric Zug, which offers fascinating insights into the region’s past.

2. Nature Walk along Lake Zug

For a refreshing and scenic experience, take a nature walk along the shores of Lake Zug. Begin at Schinznach-Bad Station and follow the well-marked trail that hugs the lake. Enjoy breathtaking views of the water, surrounding mountains, and lush greenery. If time allows, make a stop at the idyllic Unter√§geri Beach and indulge in a picnic or a quick swim. This peaceful walk offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Zug’s natural beauty.

3. Wine and Vineyards Tour

Spend an afternoon exploring Zug’s wine culture with a guided tour of its vineyards. Join a local expert who will introduce you to the region’s winemaking traditions and offer insights into the grape varieties cultivated here. Walk through lush fields, see the vineyards up close, and learn about the wine production process. Don’t forget to savor a few samples along the way. This tour is a fantastic opportunity to taste some of the finest wines of the region and appreciate Zug’s viticultural heritage.

4. Cultural Highlights Tour

Delve into Zug’s rich cultural scene with a walking tour that showcases its art and heritage. Start at the Zug Kunsthaus, a contemporary art museum displaying works by local and international artists. From there, visit Zug Castle, a medieval fortress that houses the Zug Historical Museum. Explore the exhibits to learn about the town’s past, including its involvement in the Swiss Confederation. End your tour at the Casino Zug, a vibrant cultural center hosting various exhibitions and events throughout the year.

5. Sunrise Photography Walk

If you’re an early riser and a photography enthusiast, this tour is tailor-made for you. Wake up before dawn and head to the Zytturm Clock Tower to capture stunning sunrise shots of Zug and its surroundings. As the orange hues fill the sky, wander around the town, snapping photos of the awakening streets, reflections in the lake, and the mesmerizing Alpstein mountain range. This unique experience is sure to provide you with breathtaking photos and unforgettable memories.


Zug is a captivating destination with much to offer, and exploring it on foot is the perfect way to immerse yourself in its beauty and history. From the medieval charm of the Old Town to the tranquility of Lake Zug and the cultural highlights in between, walking tours in Zug cater to all interests and preferences. Choose your favorite tour or combine them for a comprehensive experience of this Swiss gem. Lace up your walking shoes, grab a map, and embark on an adventure that will leave you with lasting memories.