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I have been doing walking tours in Budapest for more than 5 years. I love history, architecture, art, good food and wine. I love meeting people from different countries and backgrounds. I adore this city and if you join one of my tours, you'll find out why.

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  • Daniel Chan 17. November 2021

    George! My man!

    For all of you reading this, George is an EXCELLENT guide!

    He's funny, friendly, professional, and highly knowledgeable of the Jewish Quarter and its history.

    George lead the tour at a relaxed pace, while stopping to point out and explain things that I would have never noticed in a million years.

    George was also an excellent resource for nearby restaurants to eat at after the tour, all at reasonable prices.

    I HIGHLY recommend anyone to take this Budapest Jewish Quarter Tour with George; you'll have a great time!

    PS. George, I'm still awaiting the coordinates and password for the nuclear missiles. :D

  • Akiro Finnoka 3. November 2021

    Classic places. Great job to the tour organizers and our guide, George. He is amazing with the histories and fun trivia. Enjoyed the tour overall. Fun, more learning, and great sights.

  • Cai Smith 3. November 2021

    Didn't know something like the Jewish Quarter exist in Budapest, thanks to this tour I knew about a=it and thanks to George for introducing and explaining everything about the place in the other. Had fun listening to his stories and fun facts. Overall great tour and definitely a good one!

  • Maddox Brown 3. November 2021

    A mystery unfold tour for me! Didn't know Budapest have so many sacred places hidden the in the heart of Budapest. Very classic and very deep histories with modern surroundings. Just amazing. Our guide really did a great job leading us and sharing all his knowledge about the place. Excellent tour!

  • Dianna Maide 29. October 2021

    Really like this tour! Budapest is a home of classic monuments. It was expected by how they look that it has heavy histories but it's way different hearing and seeing it personally. It's a lot of shivers. Then you get to experience the culture and a glimpse of the Hungarians way of life, their local products like food and drink are actually good. People are also nice so it was even enjoyable.

    Jewish Quarter tour is a proof of well manage tour. Informative and fun guide, great itinerary, good service and very considerate, they listen well to the travellers and attend our concerns. It's a great tour! So will recommend Budapest tours for a well planned tour you are looking for.