COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Adapt your tour for COVID-19

This post aims to inform guides and guests about how to run a tour in safe conditions for the COVID-19 pandemic, both for travelers and for themselves. We recommend that you follow these recommendations (which are not exhaustive) as much as possible, although we understand that this may not always be possible.

Important: the goal of this post is in no way intended to replace the official sanitary norms that vary in each country and that every guru should comply with and respect. 

Advise travelers about the security protocols

BOT does not warn travelers about these sanitary measures, as they are constantly changing and vary by country or city.

Therefore, before the tour takes place, prepare a message advising travelers about the COVID-19 protocols and security measures in your city. Travelers expect to receive it, and it shows them a professional attitude.

To make it easier, you can send messages to your guests directly from your account.