Become a Guide and share your knowledge

With Be Original Tours, you can share your knowledge as a free tour guide. You get to do what you love and share the knowledge you have.

How to become a guide

Why be a Guide?
Use the love and knowledge of your hometown to your advantage! With Be Original Tours, you’ll get access to a base of travellers of whom you get to choose who to work with after a quick chat. You get to work in the language(s) you prefer and set your own schedule and rates. All it takes is a few simple steps, after setting up an account, you are good to go! Carve out the niche you want to work in and develop it at your own pace. Maybe you’re a horror buff, and love showing people around creepy historic places or are a ray of sunshine and love scenic parks. You get to choose!
No cost:
Most small businesses require some form of start-up costs, whether it is for materials, marketing or equipment. With Be Original Tours, you can set up your tour for absolutely free using your mobile/laptop and an internet connection.
The best part is you don’t even need to market yourself in different networks or websites, all you need to do is plug into our existing community of travellers and guides and you’re in! 
Do what you love 
If you were a fan of the 9 to 5, you wouldn’t be here reading this, so let this be a sign to go ahead and take the plunge. Feel empowered to take control of your own life and have fun doing it! 


Create your Tour Owner Account:
Getting set up with a BO tour is easy! Follow this Step-by-Step guide on how to create your account. Click Here!
We need to get to know each other first. Just answer a few questions on an interactive, easy-to-fill-out form, and you’re one step closer to your Be Original journey.
Create your Be Original Experience:
Tell us about your tour and what makes it special. 
Make your passion shine through and excite us  (and potential travellers) on the other end of the screen.
Await a review:
Here’s where we come in. Once you’re happy with your application and submit it, our team of experts will take a look. We may ask you to improve a few things here and there prior to approval to ensure a good fit within the community. Once approved, you’re in! 
Do I need to be an accredited guide to sign up?
Whether or not you need to be an accredited guide depends on your country’s laws and you as a guide need to be mindful of that. European law stipulates that you can work as a guide in any country within the EU if you hold a license. You may still need to validate your accreditation depending on the country you’re working from. However, this does not mean that the doors to tours on Be Original are closed. You can set up tours based on movies, food, experiences and activities which travellers can book. You can always get in touch with us for any help or assistance you may need.
How will clients contact me?
This is the best part. We at Be Original tours believe the secret to a great tour experience is open communication between all parties concerned. That’s why we have an exclusive live chat feature where travellers can speak to guides without a hitch or use of third-parties. You can discuss time and location, receive information on preferences and fill your calendar accordingly.
How do clients place requests?
Once you have discussed the details and both parties are happy with the arrangements of the tour, the traveller can make a booking. This will be reflected in your calendar, helping travellers see your dates of availability for the future and letting you manage everything in one place, so you know where you are on any given day.
What happens then?
You and your client will receive an email with all the relevant information. This includes the name of the traveller, date(s) confirmed through the chat, the location, and the language of presentation. 
You can further contact the traveller through email, phone or the Be Original platform.
Can I set my own rates?
Absolutely! That’s where your role as the boss comes in. You can set a reasonable hourly rate for your time. Make sure to include any entry fees to venues or overheads you may encounter. 
Or simply go for the classic free tour model, which we recommend.
How do I receive and manage payments?
Travellers usually know the drill when it comes to free tours. If you’re conducting a free tour, you can receive tips in person directly from travellers or use third-party payment apps such as payments in advance. Do make sure to have payment discussions in advance, so your travellers know what to expect before and after the tour. 
Will I get community support?
This is what Be Original is all about. The cultivation of a community of travellers and guides who can enhance each other’s experiences whether it’s in the real world or digitally. If you ever find yourself stuck, you can reach out to the thousands of guides from within the growing Be Original community. You can access our community through Facebook or our website community section for tips, tricks, experiences and discussions. Get to know guides who work near you, and you may even be able to collaborate and create a network. Remember, even if you can’t reach out to another guide in the community, our team of experts behind the Be Original concept are there to help you with all things big and small.
It is the guide’s responsibility to comply with government rules specific to the city and state they operate their tours from. If you have any queries in this regard, please reach out to us and a member of our team will be sure to assist you.


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