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Hello people from all over the world! My name is E.T and I was born here in downtown Budapest. I love Budapest and i feel so happy that my job is to show my loved city to other people! During my tours I will use the power of stortelling and homour to enjoy the experience!

Etele's Listings


  • Gracey Liason 3. November 2021

    What a colorful city. Fun and informative tour. Nice guide and accommodating. Best places and good stories. Had so much fun!

  • Nianna Faser 3. November 2021

    From the moment you arrived at the meeting point to the end of the tour, you will be well attended. That's one of a great service and apart from that, introduction of places and its history are great. Etele is a very amazing guide. Fun activities and stories, great places, nice stops. Budapest is beautiful and colorful, the street arts will show you that. That was my most favorite part. Overall fun and informative. Enjoyed it so much.

  • King Isak JB 3. November 2021

    Great places in the city of Budapest. Amazing history and deep meanings and more than aesthetics, this budapest's hidden gem is a treasure! It's true, we see most or some of this street art anywhere and we mostly just ignore it. Budapest provides a place where talented artist can show their amazing works and this street art is making the city colorful with also colorful histories. So much beauty in it. A mixture of modern and old culture, not just in street art but also in monuments and local way of life, food and drinks, celebrations, and other thing. This is a fun and informative tour, will surely somehow change the way you look at things in life. Unforgettable tour by Budapest tours with the amazing guide E.T.

  • 29. October 2021

    This tour will make you feel the fashionable side of Budapest with the colorful and amazing street arts and modern party life of the locals which tourists are crazy about because it is really crazy. Street art and Party district is i think the heart of the city, this is what makes the city young and modernize. It became alive to us with the help of our guide who is very well-informed with everything but it doesn't make the tour less fun, it's still is, otherwise we won't enjoy it. Thanks to E.T!

    This Alternative tour is appreciable because of the good organization. Well done by Be Original Tours. Budapest is well presented. Amazeballs!

  • Phil Co 29. October 2021

    Aside from the classic memorial that Budapest has, their modern culture and living is very dynamic. Street arts are very contemporary and vibrant, it light up the streets of the city made by some talented local artist and it is being exhibit in the public.

    Next is the crazy nightlife of the Hungarians are wild and economical. Imagine free drinks in countless pubs and club around their party district. So cool!

    Local foods and products are reasonable and locals are pleasant.

    This Alternative tour is fun, worthy, and knowledgeable. All thanks to our amazing guide, Etele and Be Original Tours. Great job!