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Hello! My name is István and I have been doing walking tours in Budapest for the last 3 years. I really love this city, and I would be happy to show you why! On the tour we cover everything from the city’s history from the past to its present, fun facts, nightlife, and its hidden gems.

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  • 29. October 2021

    You know it is a good tour if you enjoyed it and we did. Spot on, fun, entertaining, and worthy. Just try it for yourself to know what I am talking about. And amazing guide Istvan. Budapest is one of a kind. Five star deserve. :))))

  • Erniee Boi 29. October 2021

    Great cityscapes and locations with colorful histories. Cool, instructive and fun guide. Drinks and food on the side are fine and cheap. Excellent tour, certainly recommending it.

  • Joanne Hamilton 29. October 2021

    What comprises of a great tour?

    First, of course, the place, and you could never go wrong with Germany, specifically Berlin. It's amazing!

    Second, the tour organization. The guide, services, and performance. In this tour, our guide Istvan is satisfactory. He's informative, fun, and compliant.

    Third and definitely not the least, THE SIDE TRIPS. Trying the local specialties. Food, drinks, products and services, and interacting with the locals. It was honestly a worthy one.

    Therefore, this tour is reasonable and recommending! That's it!

  • Colin Clark 29. October 2021

    Berlin is such a classy place. The historic features of each landmarks embodies an extraordinary history that will give you goosebumps but that won't be possible without an excellent guide to lead a worthy tour like this one. Istvan headed our Budapest All-around City Tour with the right amount of seriousness and fun. Perfectly balance so it was pretty cool.

    We enjoy it in general so we will totally recommend this tour!

  • 28. October 2021

    Before our guide started sharing some interesting information about the places we visited through this tour, I was already amazed by how it looks but I was more amazed by how deep the city's history was. Great stories from Istvan really made me love the city more. It was an enjoyable tour because aside from the beautiful sites and great histories there were a lot of choices for food and drinks and we are torn which to try first, good thing that many of them are inexpensive so more we didn't to choose much. Fun tour and really informative. Berlin has my heart now. Thanks to this Budapest All-around City Tour. Really unforgettable.