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My family is originally from the countryside. My grandparents have a little plot of land and a country home where I used to spend my summers growing vegetables, meanwhile my grandparents were making salami and palinka. 😊 Budapest holds a special place in my heart since this is where I was born, grew up, and studied. It is my home and I would not change that, since I have fallen in love with Budapest’s night panorama. I studied at a bilingual high school and went on to study Hungarian language and grammar at university, while acting in theater productions. I truly enjoy being surrounded by people, be it my classmates or friends, so I decided to acquire a tour guide qualification. Ever since, I have been living my dream by leading walking tours. Everyone who attends my tours will see why I love the city as much as I do. JOIN US AND FEEL THE CITY!

Klaudia's Listings


  • Elouise Clark 30. October 2021

    A satisfying tour! We felt the magic of the city. Pest is full of stunning view and majestic monuments. Their stories are amazing also, our guide was great for sharing so many facts and interesting stories of every landmarks we stop by. It's very engaging tour because we really interacted with many local and felt to be a local for a short period of time, enough for us to love the city.

    Their neighborhood is delightful. They're very welcoming and entertaining. The local food and other remembrance are nice and affordable, I just wished i could have take home the pretty porcelain sets but it's too heavy. Aside from that, the tour was all good. 10/10! Budapest tour is incredible.

  • Jakie Jeckins 28. October 2021

    I have a soft heart for historic places and all that we visited captured my heart. They don't just look amazing, they also carried a deep history or is it only that Klaudia is really good about the stories and the fun facts. Either way, all of it are capturing. Budapest will stay in my memory for long now esp. the huge and beautiful Buda Castle that is very magical.

    We ate local foods from the hospitable and nice local people. We had enough picture as proof of our experience which is a must for a good tour. We had fun and we are satisfied. Great tour from Recommending it very much!

  • Gilbert Wes 28. October 2021

    It was fine. I give five stars for the good service of the tour guide, she has a lot of effort, the places are pretty and Budapest is huge. Good tour overall. Fun, entertaining and informative.

  • Vlad Maranan 28. October 2021

    Nice view and good landmarks. My friends enjoyed it and I had fun too. Doesn't really matter where I am as long as I won't bore. Klaudia did good, local food are okay. Enough information about the tour itinerary. It was great.

  • 27. October 2021

    Exploring other parts of Europe is a pleasure to me. Budapest is one of the beautiful cities in Hungary. It is a home of grand castles, churches, and other historic monuments. When you go on a tour, you need to find a very good guide that know more of its histories and meanings and we were glad to have Klaudia in this tour. Aside from gathering knowledge and interesting information, it is really a happiness to be introduce in other culture and traditions. This tour brought that all! They really put their game on in organizing tour, this Budapest Castle tour is an example. I am grateful to them because I had a meaningful and fun tour. Till next time, people!