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  • Barry 16. December 2021

    Will you be having a New Year's pubcrawl this year?


  • Ramon Witteveen 4. December 2021


    We would like to join the pub crawl of this evening (saterday, 4th december) with a total of 4 if there is still availabilty so. But the only thing we have is that one of my friends is 16 years old, I don't know if that is a isseu?

    Whe would like to hear from you, we are very excited to join!


  • King J 12. November 2021

    Amazing pub crawl experience. Budapest has the best party district indeed. Great opportunity to meet many people and make new friends. Great way to have some fun. Party with great drinks and lots of fun. If you are in for crazy party this is for you. Try this Pub Crawl from Budapest tours, they have amazing tour. Great experience!

  • Dave 12. November 2021

    Great party experience! Pub crawl is amazing! We had so much fun. Drinks, games, people, and experience are great! The fun doesn't end so as the drinks. Never knew that pub crawling would be that fun and amazing. Would love to experience it again. Amazing guide by the way!

  • 12. November 2021

    Crazy night! Can't get enough of the drinks. From pub to another pub to another club. We can just stay to one pub but it's more fun travelling to all of those, you can't stay in one place because this is the spirit of pub crawling! Experiencing these clubs for fun and crazy party! Our team is incredible, they are managing the tour very well, amazing guide. If you wish to have a very fun and crazy party until the sun is up, get this pub crawl!