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Do I have to confirm the booking?

There are two choices, and it depends on the setting you set for your tours:

1) If you untick “Instant Booking” Setting, you will have to confirm the first booking you receive on an event without bookings, in this article we explain how manual confirmation works.

2) If you tick “Instant Booking” setting, all the bookings you receive through BOT are automatically confirmed.

Suggestions when you have automatic confirmation:
You don’t need to contact the traveler when you receive their booking, but we recommend that you always send a welcome message.
📅 It is very important that you always have your tour calendar up-to-date.
Travellers can book up to the last minute if the event is available unless you have a minimum time to receive the first booking of an event because it will create a bad experience for the traveller and possibly receive bad feedback if you don’t go on the tour or cancel it.

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