Free Walking Tours in Munich

Free Tours in Munich

Welcome to Be Original Munich, the home of Original Free Munich Tours, welcomes you! Munich encapsulates the finest of Bavaria with its cosmopolitan city life, Alpine tradition, laid-back cafe culture, and world-famous beer halls. The city center is tiny and easy to navigate, making it ideal for short trips. We’d delighted to show you why Munich has long been a popular tourist destination. Aside from the city’s many lovely monuments and museums, it’s also an excellent starting point for visiting southern Germany and its numerous Alpine lakes. Munich has something for everyone, whether you just want to relax with some locally produced beer or attend a festival to hear up-and-coming bands. We feel you deserve the best experience possible in any European city, and we would like to extend a warm welcome to you from Be Original Tours. Travellers and tourists of all ages may enjoy the marvels of the city by day or night with our engaging guides on a variety of tours, including our free walking tours and our nightlife tours.

Free Walking Tours

Join us on a free walking tour to learn about the old city’s beginnings, fascinating legends, mad kings, third-reich history, Bavarian culture, beer, and much more! Because the concept is simple, free tours are becoming increasingly popular. Anyone is welcome to participate, and at the end of the trip, you pay what you believe the tour was worth. That implies the tour guide will always put out his or her best effort to provide the greatest tour possible. Join us on one of our free Munich walking tours during the day to learn more about this fascinating city. Learn the ropes and go to some top sites. Take the most powerful first step toward experiencing Munich’s colourful culture with Be Original Tours. This is the best way to get a sense of the city and explore some of Munich’s most beautiful sites and locations.

Free Alternative Tours

Almost anything cool that’s going on in Munich has yet to make it into the mainstream. It’s a scene that only locals are aware of. Despite its relative obscurity, Munich has a plethora of hipster activities to ensure you get a taste of the city’s other side. Our Original Free Munich Alternative Tours will ensure that you leave the city with more than just recollections of pretzels and Europe’s second most overrated tourist attraction (the clock at Marienplatz). So, let’s get started exploring farmers’ markets, thrifting, supporting local businesses, finding the best coffee, brunch, street art, hipster activities, cocktail bars, unusual breweries, and boutique motels.

Pub Crawls

Join us for a bar crawl at night to experience the vibrant nightlife!

Munich is undoubtedly a city for young people, and its nightlife is one of the most vibrant in Europe: the options for entertainment are numerous, thanks to the numerous pubs and clubs strewn throughout the city, as well as the famous Oktoberfest, which takes place in Munich every September and October.

Join us on our Original Munich Pub Crawl and explore what Munich has to offer in terms of nightlife!

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Our guides are the best in the business. They will also talk about where to find good restaurants, fun bars, live music, or the best clubs. Our guides are active in the city and can provide some great insider knowledge. So come with a group or come alone, this is a social tour and there will be plenty of time to make new friends!


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