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Free Tours in Porto

Be Original Porto is the site of the Original Free Porto Tours! Porto, the second-largest Portuguese city, has a lot to brag about, thanks to its historical and current prominence as a shipping port. Consider Romanesque and Gothic architecture, a plethora of places to sample the region’s delectable seafood, and a diverse range of nightlife alternatives, to name a few. It’s a wonderful place with a welcoming ambiance that welcomes LGBTQ people. It also features a classic design with a contemporary twist.” Porto’s unusual location, interwoven along the deep crease of the Douro River, is undoubtedly the most appealing part of the city to both people and visitors. We believe you deserve the best experience possible in any European city, and we extend a warm welcome to you from Be Original Tours. Travellers and holidaymakers of all ages may enjoy the marvels of the city by day or night with our fun guides, who provide a wide selection of tours, including free walking tours and nightlife tours.

Free Walking Tours

Join us on one of our free Porto walking tours for a day of exploration of this fascinating city. Porto is most known for the Port wine cellars that border its riverbanks, but it was also instrumental in Portugal’s success and growth. Some of Porto’s best local tour guides will tell you about great voyages, ancient buildings, and the establishment of the navy, to name a few topics. Learn the ropes and go to some of the top sites. Take the most powerful first step toward experiencing Porto’s colorful culture with Be Original Tours. This is the greatest way to get a sense of the city and explore some of Porto’s most interesting sites and neighborhoods.

Free Alternative Tours

Join us on one of our Alternative Free Porto tours to discover the city’s hidden gems. Guests will have the opportunity to view some incredible street art created by both local and international artists. The free excursions cover counterculture, music, food, clothing, and recreation, among other topics. Our tours will take you to many different neighborhoods and visit sections of the city that many tourists are unaware of. Free Porto Alternative Tours will show you what the people enjoy about the city.

Pub Crawls

Porto is the ideal spot to party since it has a vibrant nightlife, is affordable, and has beautiful weather. The nightlife in Porto has changed in recent years. As the country’s second-largest city, there have been certain popular spots for partying or just socializing late at night over the years, but nothing like what’s going on now. It can be dangerous to cross Porto’s downtown at night, especially on weekends. It’s heaven for the bohemian, for couples happily together or not, for those who enjoy going out with friends, for those who can’t stand the couch or bed after a week of work and need a drink or just to flirt, anywhere because it implies being on the street, for those who enjoy music and those who enjoy dancing. It’s a place where the downtrodden mingle with the wealthy. It is the beating heart of Porto’s nightlife. Join us for a bar crawl at night to experience the vibrant nightlife!

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Our guides are the best in the business. They will also talk about where to find good restaurants, fun bars, live music, or the best clubs. Our guides are active in the city and can provide some great insider knowledge. So come with a group or come alone, this is a social tour and there will be plenty of time to make new friends!


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