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How can I modify or cancel a booking?

If you receive a booking that you are not able to do, you have two options, even if the booking hasn’t been confirmed yet.

If you can’t do the tour, you have two options, that you must do before the starting time of the tour:

You will have to talk to the traveller to specify a new time/date to do the tour and make the update in the system, as we explain later.

This option creates a bad experience for the traveller. So, as long as it can be avoided and anticipated, as much the better! In addition, the cancellation rate is one of the factors of your tour’s position on your city’s page. The more cancellations and the closer to the date of the reservation, the worse position you will have and the fewer reservations you will receive.

That’s why we always recommend you to change the time of your booking instead of cancelling it.

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