How the credit system works?

Your account is limited to 5 bookings for free per day. In order to have your listing featured and maximize your volume of bookings, you will need to buy credits. Each 2 credits bought will be used in exchange for a single booked guest in your calendar. For example, you buy 100 Credits, this equals 50 guests booked in your calendar.

Each guest usually tips 10 to 50 Euros at the end of the tour. For example, if you buy 100 Credits for 200 Euros. On tour this equals 100 booked guests and 1000 to 5000 Euros income in tips depending on your performance as a tour guide.

Also, you can see your credit balance by clicking on the left of your dashboard. If you want more information about all the credits transactions, you just have to click on the “Credit Transactions” section of the dropdown:

How to Add Credits to your account and check balance?

By clicking on the left of your dashboard “Add Credits” Here in the drop-down select “Deposit funds” Select the amount of credits you choose and simply add “funds”.

Check my balance?

Simply check select “Credit Transactions” in your dashboard here and choose “Select all” to view credits and transactions.
You are Set and ready to increase bookings. Enjoy!
Be Original, have fun touring!