All-in-One Free Haitian Voodoo walking Tours

All-in-One Free Haitian Voodoo walking Tours


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Welcome to Marche Salomon!

Haitian Voodoo Center

So, you’ve finally made it to the place of Haitian voodoo! I know its been a long trip, but now you can finally enjoy all that this magical site has to offer, and if you want to know its ins-and-outs, ill happily guide you through them!

The tour covers famous Haitian culture, including significant historical elements of voodoo like:

•The spirits:Loas
•The voodoo perfums
•The peristil
•The voodoo expedition
•The manbo
•The voodoo songs
•The zombies
•The wanga
•The voodoo plants

I’ll entertain you with stories of Haitian voodoo. This tour is a great way to learn how to get around Haiti and the different areas in the city while discovering hidden gems, fun facts and where to and where NOT to wine and dine.

Socialize with other travelers and discover the rich history the city has to offer, Learn the ins, the outs, the ups, and the downs, and all the things to do and eat while you’re here to ensure you don’t miss out on anyhing in this beautiful place we call home with the All-in-One Free Haiti voodoo Tour!


Meeting point: Places des heros de l’independance


Start: 11:00am (flexible)

Book now and i hope to see you all soon,
Dr.Marly Desir


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