Free Walking Tour Explore The Best Of Delhi

Free Walking Tour Explore The Best Of Delhi


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Delhi is great FUN : full of History, Cultural diversity, it is vibrant, mysterious, beautiful, crazy, Incredible ! Delhi is not an ordinary city it has changed the destiny of many kings, many emperors and many common people !Delhi has destroyed many golden dynasties to dust and has made common man rule millions of minds and hearts! This is the city of many moods, everytime visitors leave Delhi with more questions than answers ! It totally makes the visitors fall in love with its historic grace, and modernity with being home to making empires and cultures!
This is a city which has three world heritage sites and 1000+ small and big historic sites!
if you want to visit Delhi I will take you to Lutyn’s Delhi ( India Gate, Presidents House, Parliament house, Rajpath, Janpath, Jama masjid(The Largest mosque in India) Chandni Chowk Bazar( India wedding Bazaar and Indian street food paradise) Khari baoli (Asia’s Largest wholesale spice market) Raj-Ghat (Mahatma Gandhi Cremation Ground) Lotus Temple, Akshardham Temple, Sikh Temples, Jain Temples, budhist monasteries, list is long. . Drop me a line and I will create an tailor-made tour for you according to your very own interest and wishes!

Being a tour guide I have learned that In the journey of life I am just a traveller to discover, explore and experience things and my job is to share all my experiences with other travellers on this planet!

I believe there are many India’s within India and I am all ready to show you the India of your dreams ! This Land has been the dream destination for all kind of travellers and seekers from around the world since the birth of the human civilizations! I am here to show you both the physical and Inner beauty of the mother of all civilizations! The more I travel this country the more I get lost in the mystic nature of this wonderful land! I am available to show you the spirit of India, This land has always been the spiritual GURU for the world and I can introduce you to the mystic soul of India ! You can plan your trip from Delhi in any direction of India !
I also organise tours to Spiritual and celestial destinations in the Himalayas, My special interest lies in Walking tours , cycling tours, wildlife-Tiger tours, Bird watching in the Himalayas, Rural village tours with mainstream historic cities of Rajasthan!
There is lot to see, to learn, to seek, to experience here! come and Visit, see you in Delhi, Shubh Yatra or Bon Voyage!


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