Free Amsterdam Bike Tour – History Tour Explore Amsterdam by Bike

Free Amsterdam Bike Tour – History Tour Explore Amsterdam by Bike


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Welcome to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, and home to the Free Amsterdam Bike Tour. There are more bikes in the Dutch capital than there are people, and every body rides them. Don’t be fooled though, not every one rides them the same. Tourists only need to walk around for a couple minutes to start wondering how the locals bike so freely here. The crowded narrow alley ways and large groups of people seem unimaginable to bike through. That is where these local history guide come in. Learn to bike like a Dutchie and visit many of the city’s major landmarks on the Free Amsterdam Bike Tour.
Join the local Free Amsterdam Bike Tour guides in a central city location. The guides will help guests get geared up and explain some tricks about biking in the city. From there the group will hit the streets and head out to some of Amsterdam’s magic places. The guides will stop the group many times along the way to point out interesting sights and explain the history of the city. This tour is a great safe way to learn how to bike around the city, and once you experience you may never walk here again. The tour is also packed with history and interesting sights. Guides are a great source of knowledge on what to see and do in the city. Reserve your spot now on the Free Amsterdam Bike Tour.
The Hisotry of Amsterdam comes alive around every twist and turn of these ancent city streets. Jump on the favorit local transport and come explore with us on the Free Amsterdam Bike Tour.

The Skinny Bridge
Insider Tips & Local Hints
The History of the Diamond Trade
Canal cruising
Stories, Legends, Mystery’s

The Different Areas of Amsterdam
VOC ship
Vibrant alley’s well-known landmarks
History of the City & It’s People
Amsterdam Culture
Parcs to be


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