Heidelberg Free Original Walking Tour

Heidelberg Free Original Walking Tour


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Unearth the Strong Standing City of Heidelberg

Heidelberg lies in the Neckar River of southwestern Germany and the former residence of the electoral counts palatine until 1720. Due to the influence of the Thirty Years War most of its buildings are Baroque architectural style instead of ancient Gothic. The city continues mainly as a university and residential city but managed to develop ample support for the industrial field. The city oversees some product manufacturing like machines, precision instruments, and leather, tobacco, and woods. But the tourist trade remains as the main business of the city.

Tons of tourists come to the city annually just to have a view of the famous Heidelberg Castle although it was shattered by the French in the earlier years and then a lightning bolt in the following years, it still reigns among the recognized structures in Heidelberg. Some of the fortunate infrastructure that favored not to be affected by the earlier razor were Holy Ghost Church, the former Royal Mews and now the Marstall, Knight’s House, the old Kar-Theodore Bridge, the Town Hall, and the Jesuitenkirche.

Heidelberg Free Original Walking Tour

In every visit to a certain city, we make certain calculations of what we are about to see but it is never the same as what is expected. One can only perceive the true beauty of a city through personal experience and this tour in this city is guaranteed to be worthwhile. Aside from the knowledge to be instilled by the master guides about the series of worldliness in the city’s history and the effects of it the existing benchmarks that are still visible and continues to spiral after all of that, a new set of encounter and consciousness about new practices and conclusions is to be supplementary of your curiosity.

Why Join This Free Original Walking Tour

  • As a way of giving you worthwhile layoff in this city, this tour aims to accomplish pleasing and relaxing experience but fun at the same time
  • We picked the best of the top stop around the state to show and introduce to you, a view worthy sight you will see and experience
  • Friendly and reasonable price that are perfectly appropriate for the experience of service, learning experience, and satisfying leisure
  • Our guide are best on the field who always bring something unique for their outpost and consistently prioritizing the guest satisfaction
  • Our system are well generated for a convenient and easy inquiries and booking to all our guest and won’t take so much of time
  • A chance for socialization with other guest, new learnings of the city’s culture and traditions as well additional experience on your travel journals


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