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Free Original Walking Tour

Free Original Walking Tour


Product Description

Uncover the City in the Local’s Point of View

Why Choose Us

  • Diverse Destinations: With expertise in local culture and history, our diverse destinations bring you an authenticity beyond the reach of any other travel company
  • Perfect Prices: Our prices are perfectly tailored for an idyllic, interesting, and immersive discovery of the city
  • Terrific Tour Guide: Each tour guide brings something unique to the table – one of which is being terrific!
  • Scenic Sights: When travelling, scenic sights are a must that even we cannot compromise.
  • Fast Booking: Create your own booking in less than 5 minutes through our user-friendly websites and guides
  • Instant Support: Travelling gives rise to queries, concerns, and doubts; so we make sure that we’re always here to put your mind at ease

Perfect for:

  • Tourists
  • Travelers
  • Expats
  • Locals

What is a more perfect way to familiarize yourself with a city than to travel by foot?

This FREE Original Walking Tour may be a tiring one but surely, it is The One. It immerses you in the city’s local culture and history, while giving you an authenticity that will make your experience unique and unforgettable. This tour has been molded and sculpted by thousands of guests and we’re happy to think we are the best in town!

TIP: If you’re wondering where to find a good restaurant, fun bars, live music, or the best club tonight, we’ll let you in on all the insider info!

The Walking Tour covers famous city attractions, the most influential historical sights, landmark public buildings, cultural venues, charming neighborhoods, shopping streets, restaurants, cafes and even areas that aren’t normally frequented by tourists. We will also delve into the stories of the past – from urban legends to the city’s triumphs and its tragedies – we’ll let our tales explain to you why we call this city our home!

What To Bring:

  • A pack with space for a jacket
  • Water bottle
  • Energy snack
  • Wallet & ID
  • Camera
  • Cell phone & maps

N.B.: Check with your guide about any restrictions on bringing a pack into any of the attractions you are visiting.


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