Regensburg Free Original Pub Crawl

Regensburg Free Original Pub Crawl


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Perceive the picturesque town of Regensburg

A delightful but simple Bavarian city consists of a renowned medieval town center and a dreamland of UNESCO Heritage, the German state of Bavaria, and located at the edge of the well-known Danube River. Also, countless existing monuments that have endured the test of time and serve as hieroglyphs of the city’s remarkable history.

Acclaimed to be a river cruise destination and top tourist attractions are just in the threshold of the Black Forest, including some awe-inspiring shopping epicenters and magnificent cathedrals with a roman still spirit is what upkeeps the globetrotter resurgent in this southern side of Germany from then until now. 

Nightlife in Regensburg

Numerous pubs and bars and clubs are recommended for party-goers with high alcohol tolerance because your drinking immunity is the only limit here. A satisfactory nightlife featuring best local bars, pubs & nightclubs recommended by Regensburg locals includes Barock Bar, Theater Regensburg + Chin-Chin Bar, Cafebar, Kneitinger, Spitalgarten, Wirtshaus im Alten Augustiner Kloster, Félix, Paletti, Hemingway’s, Moritz, just a few to give you an idea.

  • Not exclusive for travelers and tourists only, locals and bystanders are very much welcome, as long as you are capable of non-stop drinking and here for pure fun.
  • Cost- effective for reasonable service, idealistic discovery, and worthwhile experience, a very satisfying value.
  • A very user friendly well generated booking system for convenient and easy inquiry process.
  • An experience like no other because our designated guides have a distinctive approach, proven pleasurable and well-appraised for keeping guests fascinated. 

Bar crawling is much enjoyable with the right company and a perfect lead the way  guide. A chance for socialization with other guests, maybe locals and fellow tourists. Anyhow, relishing yourself for a night of fun and drinks will gain you something. Gaining friends depends on you while acquiring a new crazy memory is given for it is usual for Pub Crawl.


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