Sign up and refer your partners to sell our products, and earn commissions

Register and invite your partners to market your products, earning commissions in the process.

How It Works: Follow a few simple steps to get started. Create an account, list your products, and set their availability. Determine the commission rate you wish to offer.

Within the dashboard, you have the option to send a referral link to your partners. Upon signing up, your partners will input their business information and select their preferred payment method. They will then provide the necessary details to generate a QR code and a promotional poster for your products, which will be used for tracking commissions and facilitating payments.

When your partners share the QR code with a customer, and a sale is made, they receive their commission instantly on the dashboard and can opt for a payout at any time.

Register today and empower your partners to drive sales for your products, rewarding both of you with commissions.