7 Days Kilimanjaro hike via Machame Route

Moshi, Tanzania

Machame is the scenery Kilimanjaro Climbing route, with more challenges and adventure that its sister route of Marangu. However, other than the adventure challenge, Machame route has the great success of summit to most of the climbers and it being a challenging and adventure route does not mean that it is technical to Mountaineers only; rather it is for any climbers both experienced and non-ones. 7 days climb via the Machame route you will have an extra day for acclimatization not to be affected by the high-altitude changes. The acclimatization point is ascending to the Lover tower and descending to Baranco before heading up to Karanga and the Barafu to the Summit. Climbing via Machame route, on your second climbing day, its where you can meet climbers via Lemosho and Shira route who are on their third climbing day who will also descend down via the Mweka Route.

Tour Plan


Day 1: Moshi to Machame gate and hike up to Machame camp

The day will stats with your Morning breakfast from your hotel in Moshi town where you will have your final check of your climbing equipment and you will do your last minutes shopping for some bites like chocolate, biscuits and of kind. There after you will take a 50-minute drive from Moshi town to Machame gate. At the gate you will have your lunch and after the park formalities it is when you will start your poplepole hike for 5 to 6hrs which is a distance of 11 kilometers walking through the misty montane forest where you can enjoy to see the fairytale in lush, deep and green. You will hike from the gate to Machame camp, where you will meet your porters readymade your tents and the evening meals ready for your dinner and overnight stay. Time and distance: hiking of 5 to 6hrs a distance of 11km Elevation: 1830m/6000ft to 3050m/9950ft

Day 2: Machame camp to Shira camp

The day will start with your morning breakfast at Machame camp and have your parked lunch which you will take it on your way up as the chefs and porters will meet you at the camp. The hike will be through the moorland crossing the valley along a steep rock ridge, which a hike of 4 to 5hrs a distance of 5 Kilometers reaching the Shira camp. On your hike to the Shira camp, you will have an awe view of the Kibo volcanic cone, the western breach, Shira cathedral and you will enjoy the best sunset. Reaching at the camp you will find you tents are ready for your rest. Time and distance: hiking of 4 to 5hrs a distance of 5km Elevation: 3050m/9950ft to 3850m/12,600ft

Day 3: Shira Camp to Lava Tower then to Baranco

The third climbing day is a long hike for a distance of 10 kilometers that will be a hike of 5 to 6hrs walking through the semi-desert rocky ground of the lover ridge. The hike will start prior after your breakfast leaving your camps ascending to the Kilimanjaro volcanic plug called lover tower and then descend down to the massive landline of the Baranco valley where you will be camping and the Baranco camp. Baranco camp can be reached with people from Lemosho, Shira and Machame. Hiking up to the lover tower and descending down to Baranco there are altitude difficulties with some shortage of oxygen, but is it the best hiking day for acclimatization.   This is the long day climbing where you will be ascending up to the lava tower which is the volcanic plug remain after the Kilimanjaro was volcanic. Time and distance: hiking of 5 to 6hrs a distance of 10km Elevation: 3850m/12,600ft to 4000m/13,000fts

Day 4: Baranco camp to Karanga camp

This is the adventurous day when climbing the Kilimanjaro via Machame route where ypu will be facing the climb of the Baranco wall. Considering the distance, it is a short climb because it is just a distance of 4 Kilometers, but considering the climbing challenges it will take 4 to 5hrs climbing through the Baranco wall and the alpine desert valleys where you will be enjoying the view of the Kibo peak which will be closer, the southern glaciers and the western bridge. Reaching the Karanga camp you will have your rest collecting some energy for your next day venture. Time and distance: hiking of 4 to 5hrs a distance of 4km Elevation: 13,000ft to 13,100ft

Day 5: Karanga camp to Barafu camp

The hike will begin after your breakfast; you will be hiking through the alpine desert enjoying the stunning view of the two Kilimanjaro cones of Kibo and Mawenzi. It will be a 4 to 5hrs hike a distance of 4 Kilometers. You will be walking hitting the junction that connects with the Mweka trail and head up to the Barafu camp where you will be complete the southern circuit of the Kilimanjaro Mountain. Here you will do the camping with an early sleep and meals read for the next day complete adventure which starts in the midnight. Time and distance: hiking of 4 to 5hrs a distance of 4km Elevation: 13,100ft to 15,300ft

Day 6: Summit Day then descend to Mweka camp

This is the lifetime memory day of reaching the highest point of Africa, “the roof of Africa” of the Kilimanjaro Mountain. The day will begin in the midnight where you will be leaving your tents and the porters as you will be accompanied by the guides and summit porter heading to the summit point. Heading up there, it is a physical and mentally challenging hike with and extreme cold and elevation. As you will start the hike nearly the midnight, you will have a dark hike as you will need your head-lump than ever, you will hike up to the Gilman’s point where you will be amazed with a stunning sunrise from the Mawenzi cone, then you will have a short walk and finally you are there “CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE REACHED THE HIGHEST PEAK IN FRICA, THE UHURU PEAK OK KILIMANJARO MOUNTAIN”  due to the weather you will not last long here you will take some photos at the sign post of the Uhuru point and starts your descend down through the Mweka route, where you will have a stop at the Barafu camp for your Lunch and trek down up to the Mweka camp for your overnight stay and dinner.  On descending down it is a very rocky trail and can be quite hard on the knees, trekking poles are helpful. Time and distance: hiking of 6 to 8hrs ascending and 5 to 6hrs descending a distance of 5km up and 13km down respectively. Elevation: 15,600ft to 19,341ft up and 19,341ft to 10,065 down

Day 7: Mweka camp to Mweka gate, then back to Moshi

Finally, you will be on your last day of your lifetime memory adventure, you will take your breakfast at your camp and starts your trek down up to Mweka gate, and you will be walking through wet and muddy forestry trail which requires your walking poles. At the gate you will meet our driver waiting for you where you will be picked and drive back to Moshi town for your next schedule. Time and distance: hiking of 3 to 4hrs a distance of 10km Elevation: 10,150ft to 5500ft





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