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Free Walking Tour Guiding Tours For Bran Castle, For Peles Casle

Mociulski, nr 30

Guiding Tours for Bran Castle


The world of Dracula will be revealed for you!



You can also visit if you want, the wonderful Peles Castle.

The guiding tour will be an oportunity to get all the information…

Be here with us, to see, to hear the stories from Transilvania and Prahova




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Booking requires a €1 reservation fee per guest – we need to charge this in order to be able to guarantee you that the walking tour is happening for the date and with the guide you choose. Thank you for understanding.

I am a tour guide for Peles Castle, Pelisor Castle and for Bran Castle also.
I can show you Bran Castle and you will know all the stories about Dracula, the connection with the novel written by Ce am Socker.
Are there vampires in Bran Castle?
Aventure, suspans, history, art.
You are going to find here...
Peles Castle belonged also to Quin Mary din owned Bran Castle and Pelisor.

Her heart is in a box?
Well, it was in Bran, then in Pelisor...

Many interesting, horror stories...
We" re waiting for you in Ttanylvania where Dracula comes at the Castle, or in Prahova, to see beautiful landscapes and palaces....