Free Walking Tour in Antalya Old Town

Hadrian's gate at Atatürk street

You will rendezvous with me at HADRIAN”S GATE, where you will receive detailed information about the gate itself, about the walking tour route, and the overall itinerary. Subsequently, you will embark on a guided walk to explore the MUSEUM OF 3 TEMPLES.

During the subsequent segment of the tour, you will continue to absorb a wealth of historical and contemporary knowledge. This will take place at the ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM showcasing the nomadic Turks, a captivating NOMADIC DANCE featuring a jumping goat accompanied by the harmonious MELODY OF HARMONICA  insights at the HARBOR, a tea break with information about SPICES, details about the YIVLI MOSQUE and its MINARET, the MEDRESE-graduated school, and the research center focusing on SCIENCES and Sufi philosophy at the residence of MEVLANA dervishes/graduated travellers spreading the Sufi philosophy. The tour will conclude with informative discussions about the monument statue of ATTALUS, the founder of Attalei, and insights into the CLOCK TOWER.

This comprehensive journey will span approximately 3 hours, allowing you to appreciate the guide’s talant, expertise and the richness of his cultural experience… and give you an idea for the TIP you think the guide deserves as a sought after guide in Antalya, active since 30 years. The avarage gratitudes given to this guide is 15€… The paid 3€ for booking will be used for adds.



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