• Where: Outside Exit One of Aldgate East Underground Station
  • When: 7 PM
  • Price: £15 Per Person
  • Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • End Point: Aldgate Underground Station


Walking is the best way to explore London, and on these free, self-guided tours, you can experience all the great places and sights that England’s capital City has to offer.

More Than A Conventional London Tour

Our DIY London walks offer a unique experience, allowing you to unravel the city’s secrets at your own pace. Unlike typical guided tours, where you’re tied to specific meeting times and shuffled along in large groups, our tours allow you to set your schedule.

You can choose any day and time that suits you, linger at spots that captivate you, take breaks at charming historic pubs, and even pause your journey to resume later at your convenience.


w It Works Doing a tour could not be simpler. 1.     Choose from our selection of twenty free tours. 2.     Read through the highlights or dive into the detailed itinerary on our website. 3.     Print the full tour with step-by-step directions. 4.     Begin at the designated starting point outside a convenient underground station. 5.     Follow the directions and indulge in about two hours of exploration.

It’s as simple as Choose, Print, and Go!

Best of all, our tours are free. You can review all the details and maps and watch videos about some tours to decide if they match your interests. If you prefer a traditional guided tour, that is no problem – you can also opt for that. Our tours cover a variety of themes and areas, from utilizing public transport to focusing on specific neighborhoods like London’s charming villages or offering themed experiences like the Free Harry Potter tour. We also have fun Quiz Trails to challenge your knowledge! By exploring on foot, you’ll bypass traffic hassles and truly immerse yourself in London’s hidden gems—those tucked-away courtyards and historic corners that bus tours miss entirely. This promises a more authentic, engaging, and memorable experience. So, why not try our free tours? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose—all the tour details are transparently laid out on our website for you to explore at your leisure. Happy exploring, whether with friends or family or enjoying a solo adventure!


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