On this tour, you will learn how Sarajevo is shaped by three religions, and marked by unprecedented historic events.

Sarajevo is rightfully considered one of the most interesting and authentic cities. Muslims and Christians called it the sheer, and Jews called it Little Jerusalem and together they formed unique customs and built the city as we know it today. Feel the centuries go by as you walk through the streets of Sarajevo.

This tour will show the old town Sarajevo through the lens of its people; the oldest streets of the city, religious heritage and elaborate architecture. This tour enables you to better understand the city, to see the landmarks, and to hear the sounds of Sarajevo such as church-bells, the Muslim call to prayer, the din of the coppersmiths crafting their pots, pans and coffee sets. Surely, the Sarajevo Walking Tour will entice your imagination and make you want to explore the city even more.


We’ll meet at Sarajevo City Hall. The Austro-Hungarian part of Sarajevo, out of numerous elaborate buildings the Sarajevo City Hall is the most extravagant example.


Then will we go to Baščaršija Square, the heart of old town Sarajevo and explore the ottoman quarter and the oriental charm of cobbled streets.


European Jerusalem. We will visit the Jewish quarter as well as mosques and churches in an attempt to understand better the European Jerusalem and the multi-confessional essence of Sarajevo. First is The Old Orthodox Church, then we will visit Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque. After the mosque, we will visit the Jewish quarter. Later on, we will visit the Cathedral of Jesus’ Sacred Heart. After visiting all three multi-confessional religious objects you will see how they are just 100 square meters apart and that is what makes Sarajevo so special.


Latin Bridge and the Assassination spot.We’ll explore the Latin bridge, next to which the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated and WWI began consequently.

The duration of the tour is around 1.5-2 hours.

The guide will be in front of Sarajevo City Hall, on the main entrance next to the river. Please use the map which is placed below, don’t type the street on Google maps as it will take you to another location or to type in Sarajevo City Hall.




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