Tanzania walking safari experience is generally designed to suit into your Tanzania safari schedule, and can be regular early in the morning or late afternoon when tropical temperatures are cool. until recently walking safaris were offered mainly in the Selous Game Reserve and life Management Areas and restricted to a few National Parks like Gombe Stream, Mahale Mountains, Rubondo Island, Udzungwa Mountains, Kitulo, Mt kilimanjaro and Arusha (Mt Meru) which may be extended into trekking. Today visitors will enjoy safaris on foot in Tarangire National park, the Ngorongoro Conservation area together with Ndutu, and among some selected locations in the Serengeti up to now restricted to game drives and balloon safaris only.

What is a Tanzania walking safari experience like?
There is heart-thumping excitement as we peer over a rock to watch a herd of elephant splashing and spraying, taking it successively to suck gallons of water through their extended trunks.
“What is THAT?” we peer down onto the dusty path as an outsized yellow-grey pincushion scrabbles on little legs up a twig. Lifting it gently into the palm of his hand, Erick our guide identifies it as a well-nourished tick, who would fortunately not be needing a meal for a good few days.

Tanzania walking safari experience is regarding discovering even the tiniest creatures and plants that make up the ecosystem that all act with one another… fascinating insects emerging from the papery cocoons on passing bushes, brilliant hued birds and towering red termite nests alive with activity within the shaded tunnels. each step taken passes something wondrous and wonderful.

The walks are target-hunting and normally accompanied by an armed ranger. A Tanzania walking safari experience is an excellent break from game drives, where visitors can learn some fascinating facts regarding nature, birds, reptiles, insects and medicative uses of native plants, that you may not totally appreciate from the seat of your safari car. while the scents and sounds of the African bush are higher perceived on foot, it’s without doubt an journey and an exhilarating experience particularly when the walk extends into life habitats wherever encounters with freely roaming animals are the norm like in the Selous, Ngorongoro including Ndutu and Tarangire game parks.

The prime reason to walk on safari is to become one with the landscape and the wildlife disturbing it as very little as potential, and becoming just another animal, alert and attentive to each significance of wilderness: sight, sound, texture and smell. guided walking safaris close to most luxury, deluxe and price accommodations enable you to become familiar with close wildlife, birds, insects, plants, and larger animals from their scat, footprints and reverberations. Walks are often best taken within the early morning as life begins to stir. botanical walks, elephant caves visits, bird watching or butterfly expeditions are out there at specialised locations, such as Gibb’s Farm within the Ngorongoro Highlands.

The northern parks, Serengeti and Tarangire, are accessible on foot solely to sure specialised camp operators who must take experienced walking guides and an armed park ranger. the great Migration can be observed from rocky kopjes rising on top of the plain, however it is never recommended to get close to wild animals that are simply spooked. you’ll walk only on the rim of Ngorongoro Crater with its montane forest and fantastic views amidst resident highlands game. The rift valley Escarpment, including Mount Meru and Ol Doinyo Lengai, offers demanding and rewarding treks to mountain ridges, soda lakes and magma craters in breath-taking wild beauty. Lake Manyara has superlative birding experience.



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